Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are we giving up now?

Well that was unpleasant. The only option now is a Jaroslav Allah miracle.


Anonymous said...

the sky has fallen, the season to no where, the season to hate. my god, what happened to this team.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this team is that they don't have a "leader". Period.

Robbie said...

Well fucking friends i never like to be the one who fucking says i told you so but i told you so. As the fucking pain drags on those of you clinging to some glimmer of hope might as well take some Fucking Prozac and call me in late September. The simple fact is this fuck-not of a team cannot play. Cannot play as a team and cannot play to the level of what playoff hockey demands. Yes yes i know were fucking die-hard Habs fans and the pessimism is not welcome. There is a point however where reality needs to set in and its not at the end of the 5 games this series will last.

Last night was a fucking prime example of how even when this team is provided with the slightest opportunity to send a fucking message (no matter how small knda like the Bruins dick size small) they pack their bags and go fucking home. With less then 5 minutes remaining we have a 5 on 4 and we mustered how many shots? 2 yeah 2. There was no way this game was going to go anywhere regardless with just 5mins left. However for fucking sakes the Habs had a golden opportunity to dominate the last 5 minutes and at the very least score 1 if not 2 goals . What would this have fucking accomplished you ask? Well not much but something and when your being fcuking dominated something is better then nothing. There is also the aggression factor, while I'm all for the nonsense of sending Kovi and Koivu out with BJL there comes a time where hands are more valuable when hitting skin then they are on a stick. After pissy pants Milan Lucic (pussy) decided to try and decapitate Lappy it was certainly a Fucking time if ever there was one for BJL to bite someones ear off. What did the genius of Gainey do? NOTHING. For fuck sakes the last five minutes should have looked like the good old days of the late 70's If were going to fucking lose this series can we atleast do it it some kind of fucking style. I know we don't have much class but a little style people is that to fucking much to ask.


1. I though Komisarek poked Matt Hunwick’s eye out. Not his spleen.! If Komisarek ever gets traded I'm staying away from him he's like a voodo doctor.

2. Who is our enforcer again?

3. Do we actually have any Russians playing for us other then Kovi?

4. Where are you golfing this year?

5. Does anyone have that number for that truck driving school?

Game 3 Monday and more of the same!

B B said...

Greeting from head-in-sand-land...


Anonymous said...

Lucic to have disciplinary hearing:

Daniel Plainview said...

it is funny that we have to hear about what a dirty, diving, turtling team the Canadiens are, meanwhile:
-that twat Kessel cheap shots the worst fighter in the league and literally runs and hides behind Thomas's big ass.
-Patrice Bergeron with a perfect ten that would have made Alexandre Despatie jealous.
-Lucic almost decapitates Maxime Lapierre.

It sucks to have to be the moral victors in this, but nonetheless its still kind of funny.

lawyergirl77 said...

+1 for the pic 29.

I will be at both games on Monday and Wednesday, cheering and screaming my head off.

But I'm not expecting miracles... hoping yes, expecting, no.

*sigh* May is gonna be a loooong month.

Canucnik said...

You guys should give yourselves a shake, no team could lose an Andre Markov and survive against the Bruins!

You're three defencemen short of a load... enjoy the two games in Montréal.

Watch what you wish for anyone else would take Price in a heart beat.

Daniel Plainview said...

if Markov comes back, and if Allah'k can stand on his head, they might make a series of this...maybe.

Ben Dugas said...

Can this just be an off-season blog now? We could get a head start on covering the new coach (whoever it may be) and what will happen with the boatload of free agents we have.

We'll just pretend the playoffs never happened, or that their already over.

The sad thing is that everyone was picking the Bruins is four or five and I figured that we had a shot at the upset but at the very least we'd make it a series and prove everyone wrong. For the first game it looked like that was going to happen and all the analysts would have to admit that they were wrong. But not now.

Also, damn grabovski, damn him! I was at that game and I knew we were in big trouble as soon as it happened. We've been sliding downhill ever since.

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of picture today. Bill Shatner = Montreal native. Leonard Nimoy = Native of Boston's old West End where the old and new Garden stand. Moral of the story "Can't we all just get along?" Highly illogical.

j said...

like the headache this morning. that was brutal.

Nochoice said...

Well FUUUUCK. That was shitty. Right till we drew our first penalty I thought we had a chance, then we folded faster than Kessel got his skirt wearing ass behind his goalie. I mean really, Thomas? If it had have been "sugar" ray emery maybe run and hide behind him but common.
We beat the trap for a bit but that was the last thing I saw that was a positive... Kovi is jerking around with the puck Capt Sac-o-shit all, is taking cheap shots at the end of a period cause he lost all the draws he took? What? Win the fucking draw and fucking score.
The hookers will win the Monday game at the booth and that'll give us hope, we'll think they care, they won't and we'll piss and moan some more.......
I need beer.

Baroque said...

I'm sorry. Losing Markov (and Lang earlier) was a killer.

Injuries suck. :(

(Maybe another Jaro post will cheer everyone up? At least take the edge off the depression, anyway.)

Montréaliste1 said...

Ho well, screw hockey, 29 still owes us ice cream.

Réjaune Tremblay said...

c'est la faut de Saku.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

There were a lot more Habs fans in the building last night than on Thursday. Still mostly black and gold. My favorite non-on-ice thing was they rolled out a giant bruins flag before the game and it got passed around the lower bowl. It was pretty awesome.

I talked to a bunch of Habs fans during and after the game, most seemed like nice enough people.

Oh, and... (you should probably skip this next part)

I stood by the glass in the Montreal zone during warmups and taunted carey price and everyone else. Carey looked over and then moved to the other corner. He didn't come back to my side.

A puck bounced off the glass in front of my face, too. Left a mark. Thank goodness for the glass.

I think the Habs are going to take at least one game in Montreal, probably game 3. Especially if Lucic is suspended.

gillis said...

@Rejean: fuck you

29, I still haven't received my ice cream. Where can i pick it up?

Jaro please. I'm too depressed to read anything else right now.

@nochoice: Are you fucking serious? You think that Saku started that shit at the end of the period because he lost two face offs? Thats what Bob Cole said last night and I seriously laughed out loud when I heard it. I'm pretty sure he was more frustrated that they were down 2-0, not so much that he lost two face-offs.

@anon: fuck no

@ben: hey, three years ago, the habs were up 2-0 against the canes and the canes came back to win it in six, then went on to win the cup. Theres still hope.

@Robbie: 4. I hope they play at whitlock, near where i live. I feel like kicking every one of them in the balls.

5. 514-381-8853

lawyergirl77 said...

I/O reporting that Markov is skating with Scott Livingston... in equipment... taking shots.

And GangBang was out doing laps before practice.

Talk about a Hail Mary pass...

lawyergirl77 said...

CH - Habs fans can be a pain, but we're usually not as delusional as Leafs fans who plan the parade even when they've been eliminated from the playoffs (notable exceptions: eyebleaf and other Leafs bloggers who post in here).

It's the whole groupthink problem, right: get a mob together and the collective IQ drops.

And the effect of a flag being passed around the lower bowl is pretty cool. They did that this year with a Canadian flag at the WJC in Ottawa. Goosebumps, I tell ya!

Word verification: Please don't let Monday's game be the SAMME old shit...

gillis said...

@lg77: I'me guessing your talking about 2006-2007 when they thought they were in after they beat the habs. That was hilarious now that i think back, it wasnt so funny at the time cause i was so depressed. They all celebrated all night with little stanley cup models. The next day they were all in the trash.

lawyergirl77 said...

Gillis - actually, it's everything. They win the first game of the season, we might as well etch their names on the Cup now. It's a constant series of delusions with a good chunk of them.

Let's forget 2006-2007. It's even more painful than what's going on right now.

Then there are the other Leafs fans (the ones that are my friends) - they are even more pessimistic than 29. We get along because we bitch about the state of our teams together.