Monday, April 20, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Monday, April 20th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of getting on a plane to Jamaica...
Inside View of the Massholes
  • The Big Bad Bruins are honest about thinking Lucic crossed the line. In case you hadn't noticed, BBB is run in part by one of the many reasonable B's fans who've been hanging out here, Sheriff25. Between him and CH and my forbidden love for Raquel, my whole B's fans hatred thing is taking a real hit;
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder speculates on who the Bs will call up from Providence to replace Lucic and Hunwick.
Do or die tonight.


moeman said...

Go you fucking Habs!

Word Verif = rapped, as in Lucic got rapped not raped

Daniel Plainview said...

it is nice to see Robert Lang skating again. Too bad its too late.

orangeman said...

I'm all for Habs DO and Broons DIE.


L Dude said...
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L Dude said...
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L Dude said...

“The puck was bouncing around but it slowed down a bit before it wound up on my stick,” explained Kovalev of his second period marker. “The timing was there; I just took the shot. I know where the net is, so all I had to do was put the puck in my favorite spot.”

Dear Mr. Kovalev:

Please share this information with your teammates.



Robbie said...

Dear Habs,

As i am going to tonight's game (and perhaps game 4 depending on what you do tonight) here are some words of advice.

A) Storm the fucking net. Thomas proved in the last game that his fucking ass is big enough to hide a player so sick yours in his face.

B) Less fancy dance more shooting

C) Those fucking Black and yellow things skating around should be squashed like flies.

D) There is no I in loser.

E) Falling down is only permissible to block a fucking shot...and that's it.

F) Bob if were losing 3 to 2 with 10 minutes left please forget about the BJL experiment with Koivu and Kovy

G) BJL those things you use to hold onto your stick are also good for pounding a Bruins fucking face with.

H) If your going to lose please do it with some fucking style and class, the summer will be to long regardless, the least you can do is not make us completely depressed.

I) Please do not worry about any one singing Ole, Ole prematurely as i will be the Fan rioting with anyone who attempts to sing it.

Have a good Game, and don't fucking let us down. No pressure though.

A fuck were fucked!

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

It's on.

C'mon Sobotka or Bitz or whoever we call up, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Marisa. If we're going to contemplate our doom, might as well try and enjoy it.

Habsfan10 said...

Things would look so much brighter coming home 1-1 instead of 0-2 and just getting skullfucked. Everybody better be playing for their job tonight.

McPhee said...

Word verif : dismande, as in : We dismande a win tonight!!

With our ACTUAL number one goalie in nets tonight (only this year, though) and our ACTUAL first line used ALL GAME (right?), we should be fine.

We are a better team than them, period. All we need to do is actually put it on the ice. We're so good I don't mind giving Boston a 2 game handicap.

Again, as long as the team we field is our actual team.

GO BOB GO!!! You can do what a million Habs fans would : TKK half the game and Halak in nets until the NHL gives up and ships us the silver thing.

By the way, anyone else noticed the Sharks won't be a threat in the Finals? One less powerhouse to worry about. Now if someone could take care of those BBQ Wings...

Anonymous said...

Bring back Marisa!!!!!

Sheriff25 said...

@ Cornelius

Bacon Bitz will be playing.

Gonna have a hard time focusing on anything today. The Habs are going to come out like a motherfucker and the GODDAMN FANS!!! will be screaming their heads off. I'm thinking about turning the 50" down, putting on some Enya, and lighting some aromatherapy candles...until the Bruins go up by which point I'll turn the TV up, open all the windows, and sound my barbaric yawp to the world. Similar to Denis Lemieux, I seem to be "hallergic to these fucking fans."

moeman said...

Today's word is ...

Moey said...

@ Moeman,

You think they're playing possum? Yeah, yeah that's it, that's the ticket. That works for me. (She pours another drink).

moeman said...

@Moey, just being sarcasstic.

Noda said...

Is Rollie Melanson fired yet? Can we ruin anymore goalies on this team?