Monday, April 13, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, April 13th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being an unlikely Masters champion...
  • Flyers lose, and lose home ice advantage in the Battle of PA;
  • Blues win, make it all the way the 6th in the West, will play the Canucks;
  • Blackhawks beat the Red Wings, sweeping an end of season home and home;
  • And the regular season endeth. And the Lord sayeth let thine playoff beard grow, or thine golf clubs be cleaned;
  • Lap dance to FHF regular Boob Gainey for the Jack Todd link from today. We would say something is up Jack's ass, but that seems to be his standard these days;
  • Here's your full Playoff schedule. Thursday at 7 PM, that's all you need to know. Also you gotta love that old school 8 PM Saturday night start time.
You mean we have to wait four days? Man we better find some lame excuses to post hot chicks or it will get boring around here. Oh and I guess we'll have some kind of playoff preview, as soon as we have our annual board meeting and group meth binge at FHF headquarters to plan it all out.


moeman said...

Hot chick posting #1. (SFW)

Go Habs!

Phoff said...

RE: Jack Toddd Link

So it seems that sports writers are also hopping on the anti-capitalism bandwagon.

I'm pretty lefty, but I still find it odd to take to task business people who actually try to make money. I thought that was the goal?

Would Jack Todd prefer the Habs bleed money like the Coyotes in Phoenix?

Just a little baffling.

Mike Schwartz said...

I love Jack; I've been a big fan of his for (holy fuck!) 13 years now, but this I just don't get. I mean, we're not so fucking numbskulled to not realize that the CH, like any logo (sports or otherwise) is today just a form of branding. But, like..WE FUCKING KNOW THAT. So why degrade the playoffs? Why degrade out passion? Yes, every shop and restaurant had to BUY that Habs flag they display in the window, but for fuck's sake, they have a Habs flag in the window!! You could look at any team, any sport, TV show, movie, anything as just a way for someone to make a buck. Or, you could be a fucking FAN and enjoy the ride! It's not go "DOLLAR SIGN" go.. it's GO HABS GO, motherfucker!

moeman said...

Interesting take on a possible Quebecor purCHAse

Babel'd here, (always a fun re-read)

moeman said...

Our Padma answers the following questions;

ALLURE: What did you do to prepare for the shoot?

ALLURE: Are you confident about your body?

ALLURE: Do you sleep naked?

Click for her answers and a sweet (NSFW) pic ...

Ian Vitro said...

Since when do pro journalists forget how to make paragraphs? The last two-thirds of this "article" sounds like a forum rant.

Cheers to Phoff and Mike - you can't get mad at business owners for making money. It's their fucking job. Would they rather the Habs owners not make money? Have someone drive the team into the ground so they end up in Vegas? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

He complains about the season being marred by injuries, illness, and wild rumours. Well, injuries and illness are common to most teams, while wild rumours are a staple for the Habs journalism corps.

Todd is trying to rip on Gillett for engaging in cutthroat marketing techniques. More or less the same sort of thing Todd does when he writes opinion pieces with any degree of shock value or criticism. Whatever it takes to sell papers, right Jack?

Sonia said...

I guess Jack would have preferred that the Habs ask for a bailout?

Funny thing is, before Gillett bought the CH, Todd was writing about how the Canadiens are one of the greatest brands in sports, like the NY Yankees or Manchester United, and how they needed an owner who understood that and could market the team properly. And now?...

Another classic Jack Todd flip flop.

Raquel said...



SO EXCITED! Go Boston!

(christ, what a worthless comment that was. You should probably ban me.)

TH-TO said...


Is the FHF AGM an open or closed affair? Also, please confirm what nibblies you will be serving prior to my booking a ticket to Mtl.


eyebleaf said...

Looking forward to the hot chicks.

Can you bring back that broad from last week? I can't even remember her name, because her name so doesn't even matter. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.

Please and thanks.

And good luck in the playoffs, my friends.

Beckenbauer said...

Jack Todd's rant comes 40 years too late. He's from the sixties, back in his day views like that were quite fashionable. With the economy in trouble JT dug out some of his old beliefs. Not very interesting, not very enlightening, just very old an bitter.

Boob Gainey said...

Here is a much better article on Habs ownership by the La Presse business reporter Sophie Cousineau. Better in "more realistic and seemingly written by an adult". She makes the point that Gillett has actually been an excellent owner. She also points out that the Nordiques were owned by Quebec businessmen who had no qualms about cashing in by sending the team to Denver.


Number31 said...

Jack Todd was born with something stuck up his ass. I thought he stopped writing for the Gazette anyway, why does he keep coming back?

Word verif: fuggly. HAHAHAHA awesome.

Olivier said...

Makes me laugh when people refer to Quebecor as the devil incarnate; as if Ma Bell, CTV globemedia or Power were starry-eyed idealists... Geee...

Martin Leclerc, whom I like and respect, makes a very compelling list of why Quebecor is very, very motivated. The question is, do they have the money right now? It's business; is Quebecor big enough to make Ma Bell and CTV and Power walk hands in hands? Don't think so. What's true for Quebecor is true for these guys too; think Gesca would share the habs with Le Journal and The Gazoo? Moot point, Gesca/Power doesn't seem to be in the running, I know.

The truth is (hear hear! the truth from some schmuck on the Internet!) the habs are a premium media property in a widely mutating media world, where media giants consolidate, acquire and ruthlessly compete. I have to say it just doesn't bother me; maybe it's because I get my TV from Videotron & only watch RDS for the Habs...

Cousineau's article is basically revisiting the point Serge Savard was stating last week. It doesn't change the fact that Le Senateur currently seems to be on the outside looking in, waving at the Molsons so they speak on his behalf to the bouncer...