Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The (possibly last) Game Day Skate for Wednesday, April 22nd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being wiretapped...
Well, well, well, this is it? Who knows. If you haven't yet, be sure to scroll down to read HF4's whacky brilliance from late yesterday. He's mapped out a road for Habs success in this series.


orangeman said...

Wow, the league for some reason really wants the Canes to do well. Fine, no call on the the 3rd Cane goal, but that last one? Come on now. I'm not even a big Brodeur fan (except when he has a red maple leaf on his chest) and there's no way I'm a Devils apologist. Man, this isn't the first, tenth or even thirtieth time Carolina has benefitted greatly from the officials, and it's not the first season of this either. Remember Saku getting eye surgery from a Cane stick a couple of years back?

Oh, and Go Habs G....Oh forget it.

lawyergirl77 said...

Orangeman - I've noticed that about the canes too. Not quite sure why, but they sure do seem to be the beneficiaries of many calls/non-calls from the refs... Remember the game we played against them in the regular season where we were basically shorthanded for the entire thing?

Am working from home today. Does that mean that if we win, I never have to go to work on a game day again?

GO HABS GO, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word verification: I really hope that the Habs DESSIDE to play tonight

Robbie said...

I wanted to say something deep something profoundly moving on the day before i go (should say we all go) into mourning.Some sort of motivational speech. But Fuck it. I ain't got NOTHING!

I'll be at the game just the same.

Sheriff25 said...


Van Hab said...

Alcohol is very very inexpensive in China. That, combined with the fact that the "sleeper" train is only a sleeper in name, has me thinking hard. It's a question of faith, really.
Since moving to Vancouver from Montreal almost two years ago, I have remained a fervent supporter of the CH. I became a fan when Mark Recchi and Vincent Damphousse were top-tier NHLers. I once truly believed Martin Rucinsky and Brian Savage were as good wingers as you could get in the league, chalking up the Habs' lack of success to one bit of bad luck or another. I've watched them suck hard, suck a little bit, and even play well before sucking real hard and I keep coming back, even moreso since I moved to the West Coast.
However the Canucks' performance this year and the reaction of the city (yes, I'm currently in China, but I still read the news) and the media in Vancouver has got me wondering if Montreal is fundamentally incapable of being home to a successful hockey team. Have history and expectations become an unbearable burden on the Canadiens? Has 25stanley-type paparazzi killed any chance of Habs players living normal lives? does Montreal simply come with too much baggage to properly develop and retain talent? Am I better off cheering for the Canucks, who walk anonymously through the streets but are revered for their play and their play alone?

L Dude said...

@Van Hab: No.

Habsfan10 said...

@Van Hab:

Never, ever think like that. The Canadiens (like the Leafs, the Yankees, Notre Dame, Liverpool, the Cubs - basically any team with a long and storied or not-so-storied existence) are not an easy way out. When they win, the bandwagon gets too full and the fans get obnoxious. When they lose, the haters get to rub some deserving noses in the shit. But there is something very special about certain franchises that a Canucks or Flames or Mariners or Milwaukee Bucks type franchise can't ever hope to capture. If the Habs never win again, they are still 24 Cups to the good. My kids didn't see any of the first 24, and they may never see one at all the way things are going but dammit, they will know that the Habs are something special. Why do Leafs fans hold on through 40 years of taunts? Because they hold the Leafs as something special. Fuck anyone who says different about the Habs, even if they spend the next 100 years in the basement.

My wish for tonight: Another effort like Monday's first half. A clearly overmatched team fucking fights until it's over, and those who don't get themselves shipped elsewhere. That, or a fluke 18-1 battering that leads to the improbable four straight wins and a delirious, fluke Cup.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Mark Recchi is still a top-tier NHLer.

Ok, now I'm just trolling. Bad me! Bad!

L Dude said...

I'm stuck on the hobo wagon. I thought a sexy hobo would be good for tonight's game. Not so easy to find as it turns out.

However, I came across the best pan-handling sign I've ever seen! I'd give this guy money for creativity!

I think the Lapierre line will dominate tonight enroute to a 4-1 win.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

@L Dude

At first I thought that was karate lessons that cost four dollars. LOL BOSTON FANS. (Ok, now I'm trolling myself. Gotta get on that even keel.)

Less than 9 hours. I'm predicting a close game and a Habs win, possibly on the strength of some shitty fluke goal.

Price or Halak?

HabsFan29 said...

You are all cordially invited to bring your conversation to the profanity-laced preview up top

Bryan said...

brodeur is a fucking idiot. i was watching that game and he was 5 feet out of his crease. then after the game he still proceeds to bash the refs in an interview. baby needs a bottle.