Monday, April 27, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, April 27th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning in double OT...
  • Caps force a game seven against the Torts-less, collapsing Rangers;
  • WhalerCanes also force a Game 7. That looks like a hell of a series, to bad no one watched it;
  • Marty St. Louis has a hat trick as Canada takes the all-powerful Hungarians 9-0.
Is it October yet?


lawyergirl77 said...

Go Caps Go!

That is all.

Boob Gainey said...

Does anyone see any reason to be hopeful for next season?

Our only decent players (except Markov) were the UFAs. How is this team going to improve? We can't very well trade our bad players for good players, and our good players are too old and they are free agents anyway.

We can't sign free agents.

It's going to be up to D'Agostini and Pacioretty to improve this team.

The only hope is that AK46, Pleks, et al. just had an off year this year.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ Boob
The team has money and cap space to burn. I'm sure we can rob at least one financially-challenged franchise (Phoenix, Florida, Atlanta, and Nashville come to mind).

If not... well, no one will be complaining that we don't play our youth.

L Dude said...

I have a question for any capologists that might read this blog:

Suppose the Habs were to trade for Vinny. His contract pays him $10 million/year for 4 more years.

Are the Habs on the hook for a $10 million dollar/year cap hit, or does the $6.875 million/year cap hit apply which he had spread out over his 7 year contract with the Bolts?

Same question could be applied to Marty St. Louis who is paid $4m/year for 2 more years but at a cap hit of 5.25.

Does it seem like forever since the Habs lost game 4? Frig it's gonna be a long summer.

Heh. Word vf: meanmeth

Meanmeth (me an' meth) get along very well since the Habs self imploded.

L Dude said...

Since I don't really care about the IIHF World Championship, I'll be rooting for Jaro if he gets the call against Canada tomorrow!


James said...

L Dude-

Go take a look at [a href=""]this site[/a] for cap data.

Lecavalier's cap hit is currently 6,875$M but that's only until his new contract kicks in, which is on July 1st this year.
At this point, his cap hit will become 7,727$M until the end of the world, or Chelios retires, which is 2021.

St-Louis's cap hit is 5,25$M until 2012, as he has not signed another contract yet.

These are the cap figures the Habs would be on the hook for, in case we traded for these guys. The actual money figures the team would pay depend on the contract. In Vinny's case, it's 10M for the first 7 years (until 2016!), then 8,5M, then 4M, then 1,5M and finally 1M in the last year. For a grand fucking total of 85 fucking million dollars for damaged goods. I hope it doesn't happen.

Now let's be positive about next year.
Andrei K, free from the terrible mob influence, will pull a Jeff Carter on us, all 45 goals and 40 assists. Sergei, not wanting to be left in the dust by his primate looking brother, will turn into the second coming of Ron Francis and tally 65 assists.
Chris Higgins, rediscovering himself as a checking specialist, will pot 20 goals, including 10 shorties, and finish the season at +37.
Pleks, tired of eating flesh, will rediscover the pleasures of humanity and become our very own Marc Savard, forever ditching his Zombie affiliation.
And the list goes on... Next season will rock!


Now I'll go jump off a bridge.

James said...

I fail at embedding links... oh well. The website is

bond said...

2 series in the east are going 7 ,and 1 went an entertaining 6. the locals rolled over quietly in a sweep. The Glorieux wouldn't have beaten anybody in a playoff round, and that includes the teams ( Fla., Atl., et al) that didn't get in. BTW, anyone think there are free agents who want to come and play in this zoo?

gillis said...

@boob: take a look at Robert L's post about Kessel and Krecji

Boob Gainey said...

@Gillis - where?

The latest (outlandish) rumour posted on H I/O is:

Lecavalier and St. Louis to Toronto for the Leafs' 1st round pick (7). This is in part to thank Toronto for taking salary off the Bolts' hands this year.

Toronto repackage Vinny and Marty to the Isles for the 1st pick (tavares).

Isles then sign Komo, and have an actual team.

Stupid rumour if you ask me. For a start, why would Tampa not just trade directly with the Isles.

Boob Gainey said...

I'd be remiss if I failed to reiterate what a complete wanker Jack Todd is.

HabsFan29 said...

@Boob - I was actually just thinking about writing a post about that Todd article today, but I couldn't come up with a better hook than "Top 10 things up Jack Todd's ass"

L Dude said...

Jack "the Hack" Todd is the Gazette's Mike Milbury equivalent.

Hey Jack, if you're pondering why UFA's don't want to sign here, take a look in the mirror JACKASS!

Boob Gainey said...

This is liable to get me banned from this site, but I don't think Milbury is that bad.

Sure, he is as annoying as he was as a player, always butting in, interrupting people, and making nasty comments, but he seems to have a hint of a touch of a clue.

He may be the worst GM of all time, but he knows more than PJ Stock.

gillis said...


South Shore Habs Fan said...

Krejci yes, Kessel no

I don't think I could bear watching that douche soiling the CH. Krejci is awesome, though - he's what Pleks is supposed to be.

Ben Dugas said...

Saying that someone knows more than PJ Stock is like saying your team won more playoff games then the Habs this year. In other words it still should qualify you to be paid for hockey analysis and it certainly shouldn't get you on the CBC.