Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Morning Skate is really annoyed for Wednesday, April 8th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being gay and getting married in Vermont...
  • FUCK. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. No seriously, fuck. FUCK! More later today;
  • Panthers did lose however. But still, FUCK.


Kmaxx said...

HF29 - Well fuckin' put!

Word verification: cholahag - what I wanted to do after that second goal fuck up by TFS last night

orangeman said...

Rooting for the Habs makes me feel like Ralph.

Go Banana!

L Dude said...

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Goal #1: keep playoff spot.
Goal #1a: keep #7 seed.

The Caps pretty much have a lock on #2. Yeah, the Devils haven't been great, but we all know the Habs can do NOTHING against Marty.
Really, I can't see this team (last night's team) winning another game though.

They'll make the playoffs in spite of themselves and it will be a miracle if they win a game. Mr. Gainey best give Halak the chance to perform said miracle.

I suspect Halak plays Boston. If by the end of the night, they've clinched a playoff spot either by winning (OK, stop laughing) or FLA losing, then Price gets a chance against the Pens. If they haven't clinched, Halak goes again.

Tom said...

Well, all they need now is one point in two games, or Florida not to win their remaining games, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get in.

Anyone remember watching the Mighty Ducks (the movie)? In the first edition, they tied the goalie to the net so he wouldn't be scared of the puck. We should do the same thing with Price during the games, but only so he doesn't try to leave the crease to handle the puck. Teach him to stay in the frickin' net.

I think this year has shown people how important those puck-moving d-men are. It's no coincidence Pittsburgh has turned their season around once Gonchar came back. Or the fact the Sens are going to miss the playoffs without one. Now that we're without our top two, you can see the trouble we're having.

But I think we should take last week's winning streak with a grain of salt. We beat the Islanders, Leafs, Thrashers, Lightning and Blackhawks. Except for Chicago, all non-playoff teams and near the bottom of the league.

Moey said...

@L Dude, I said exactly the same thing this morning, that they'll get in in spite of themselves. Just to prolong the agony, because their the Habs. I'll cut them some slack, 3 games in 4 nights. The AFT line had no gas left and there was no help from AK46 or Pleks. They'll take one of the two next games.

Verif word - rayst

As in what an exciting playoff rayst. Not.

Robbie said...

The Fucking Canadiens look bad...plain and simple bad...they look old and tired. It occurs to me as everyone fucking scrambles to pray for a playoff birth that its quite fruitless (not as in gay marriage in Vermont). Is the goal just to make it into the post season to get knocked out in 4 or 5? Is it the fucking delusional belief that "anything" can happen in the playoffs? Understand one fucking thing (well a couple of things). This team is out of ideas, talent, legs and most fucking importantly out of heart. Regardless of what happens nothing good is coming out of this season. NOTHING!

As i watch the media frenzy, talking heads, and rabid fans it seems it's like a cheering club of men at a local Bar motivating one of their buddies to get a particular woman (we"ll call her "playoffs") to go home with him. Everyone irks him on, critics, and offers support and suggestions. When finally he does get her to go home with him he ends up not being able to seal the deal, i.e. (her feet pinned behind her ears). This scenario is exactly what is playing out with this playoff run. If we make it in (not in her) were not going anywhere because "playoffs" doesn't want to give out and no matter how much positive or how much encouragement or self denial we apply it is what it is... its closed, with no chance of driving it home.

Enjoy your day and oh yes...Boston on Thursday...FUCK!

lawyergirl77 said...

Robbie - that was sick, twisted brilliance. +1 for you, sir!

Habsfan10 said...

Why is everyone so desperate to avoid Jersey in the playoffs? They might be the only team playing worse than the Habs right now. If someone offered me a first-round matchup with the Devils I'd take it in a heartbeat ... the Bruins, Caps, Pens, Flyers and Canes will fucking waste this team. Jersey? Methinks not so much.

Word verification: nolob. Nolob for the Habs based on the last two games.

habsss said...

I'd like the Habs to play the Caps so I can go watch them lose. Whoever they play, the Habs are most likely going to be eliminated. I might as well see it in person.

Habsfan10 said...

Well, that seems fair enough. You'll need to hope the Habs steal one so they get dumped in game 5 back at the Verizon, though.

Damion said...

Past performance is not an indicator of the future.... except when it comes to the Habs and Devils. Washington might be a better match up b/c the Caps have shakier goaltending than the Habs, and their D-men's stats, albeit impressive, are hyperinflated because Ovie and Semin grab all the opposition's attention.

That being said, this whole debate is like asking whether you'd prefer being eaten by a lion or a bear.

Boob Gainey said...

What's wrong with you people?

Last week we were awesome.


We don't suck. We are a pretty good team that has had tremendous injury problems this year.


lawyergirl77 said...

10 - Brodeur has magical powers inside the Bell Centre. It's kind of freaky... I shudder to think of what would happen if he got to play in that building in the playoffs. ugh.

Boob - Last night's game was a display of lack of heart à la tanking that we had a few weeks ago. Granted, the players were tired etc. but it was still kind of depressing to watch. While losing our best player is a big reason why the team isn't looking so hot, our lack of depth on D is frightening. Gorges is trying to rise to the occasion, but he can't do it alone.

Collectively, last night we sucked. Unfortunately, it was the worst possible time to choose to do so. But, I've still got hope that a day off will make us suck less against the Broons tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

dwgs said...

I'll go for the bear, I'm afraid of lions.

blaz said...

Fuck is right.

As someone else pointed out - I wouldn't mind seeing Halak vs Boston. I have no preference when both are on their game, but what I enjoyed even less than watching Price last night was listening to all the Price apologists' excuses afterwards.

But knowing Bob, I'll be hearing alot more of it for the rest of the week.

word verif: sarynoma. Almost sayonara, as in what we will be saying after 4 games of the first round, if we make it that far.

Tom said...

@ Boob: Last week we were awesome because we were playing the Islanders, Leafs, Thrashers, and Lightning.

Boob Gainey said...


Fair point.

Anonymous said...

the reason anyone wants to make the playoffs is monetary. it's the easiest way for a team to turn a profit after the team salaries are paid for the season and increased ticket prices and concession sales are pure profit at that point. also, making the playoffs will probably mean boob gets to stay around, which i think is generally a good thing.

word verif: tedon
robert lang should look into those new artificial 'tedons' they're making.

moeman said...

Hopefully our Habs aren't eaten by a bear or a penguin.

Word Verif = pithed, as in my helmet was pithed whilst on safari for bear and penguin

kevincrumbs said...

@Tom: Ah, but back in the oh so heady days of February and March, we couldn't beat the non-playoff teams (or a WHL team or the Harlem Globetrotters playing hockey for the first time), so I'll take wins against non-playoff teams.

I agree with Boob (heh), we're not as bad as we looked last night. I mean, they fucking wheel out a handicapped policeman before the game to say some motivational shit and we're supposed to beat them? Sheesh.

I am, however, pissed that they couldn't seal a playoff spot by now, making me have to worry about this fucking team on my 1st anniversary with Ms. Crumbs (note the Ms... we're not married) on Thursday. So instead of fully enjoying the cookout and wine on Thursday, I have to keep worrying about these fuckwits in the back of my mind.

Oh well, if my lovemaking skills suffer, we know who to blame. Thanks a lot, Rhino.

Van Hab said...


Habs will tumble into the playoffs with no business being there, much like the Sens last year. I think we've won our last game till next season.

The only thing that remains to be seen is if mtl will have a 2009 version of ottawa's embarassing "Gladiator" schtick from last year.

Might I suggest a zombie? or perhaps a whole bunch of zombies! They could wear jerseys with numbers like 9, 1, and 7 and represent the restless souls and decomposing bodies of Habs' legends shamed by the current team. How's that for a centennial!?

Boob Gainey said...


How do you choose a specific anniversary date if you're not married?

Are you using first date or first time doing the nasty.

(I am aware there's no reason the two can't be the same.)

word: rewank , an anagram of wanker, oddly enough.

kevincrumbs said...

@Boob: We're using the date of our 1st date, which did not involve the nasty. Usually I might say that this is TMI but it's FHF, so it's probably too little information.