Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, April 7th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning a national championship. Hey, at least it wasn't Duke...
OK, no time for recriminations, Habs head to the Big Apple tonight. HUGE game, in case you didn't know.


Yvon Gagne said...

We lost the game, we lost Marky, we lost Schneider and we lost Marisa.

Thank god for ice cream.

Let's not make the playoffs, it would be just like throwing our money out the window.

Habs are a dismissal 12W 28L when Marky is out.

orangeman said...

I still think Habs will make the playoffs. It's just that I have no hope of them getting past the first round regardless of their opponent. The D was shaky before and the PP is pretty much worthless without any pointmen.

I suppose anything can happen in Halak/Price play huge and Thomas returns to his old flopping self. But the injuries to Schneider and Markov just take the sails out of the banwagon (that makes sense, right?). It's just such a disappointing end to a disappointing season that finally showed some promise the last couple of weeks. Sigh.

orangeman said...

Of course I meant 'banDwagon'. The point is this wagon is broken.

Sonia said...

338 comments! Congrats FHF, and don't ever change.

Saul said...

I don't remember Markov as an outstanding play-off force. He was generally not one of the players that easily charged into postseason mode, in last years play-offs he was a sometimes frustrating non-factor. I'm saying that once once we actually MAKE the play-offs - which doesn't seem like a given anymore - we might be surprised by different players elevating their game. It's always happened - look at last year's Smolinski, for example. Some players can make up for others gone missing by playing their hearts out. Markov IS a great player. I just don't know whether he's one that we can rely on come PO-time.

Oh, and btw: Fuck the leaves 4-evah.

Robbie said...

So much for my prediction. Well just when i was starting to put my fucking coveralls on, get the jack and go and fix the broken bandwagon wheel, the other wheel falls off. Two important D's out. Not able to generate strong offense against a decent team (21 shots). Well as they say, "fuck it". Oh and by the fucking way all those fucking idiots singing ole..ole when the habs were up 2 to 1....SHUT THE FUCK UP! I mean for Christ sake we have some idiot fans in this town. My suggestion to all those fans who love to sing is every time you get the urge donate 1 dollar to a new "purchase some talent" fund so the ownership can actually go buy some. They could put some buckets at each of the entrances just drop in your dollar.

Saul said...

Sorry, clarification:
Make the leaves eat 80's Eastern Germany Olympic Swimming Team pussy 4-evah.

Good Morning, everybody!

Frank Castle said...

I can't believe they let MurderMobile get two goals without a fight last night. We're doomed

KRaZykeV said...

Bring back Marissa!!! Maybe BGL will pound on Avery for us if you do!

L Dude said...

Step 1: Sit O'Byrne and send Janik back.
Step 2: Put Dandy back on D.
Step 3: Bring up Weber
Step 4: Wonder if Cube is close to returning.
Step 5: Bring back Max Pac.
Step 6: Put Max Pac, Tits and Dags back in the lineup.
Step 7: Sit Pebbles (and NEVER EVER play him on a PP, never mind a 5 on 3).
Step 8: Sit Stewart unless it's a game that needs a physical presence, i.e. NYR, Boston.
Step 9: Hope to Holy Fuck that our goalies start stealing games!

So we have:
The big line. Or the AFT line? About Fucking Time!
Tits Pleks MaxPac
Gui! MadMax Higgy
Dags/Stewart Metro Kosto


L Dude said...

More Bad News:

“The bottom line is we have three games left to extend our season and it starts Wednesday at MSG.” - Mike Komisarek on canadiens.com

He doesn't even know he's playing tonight!!! OMG OMG OMG

cottoneye said...

I'd like to be Mike Komisarek's bottom line.

Word verif: subil. Because my metaphor certainly was.

Lostinleafland said...

How many years does Schneider have left?. He should shut up, take cortisone shots for the next 8 weeks and worry about surgery over the summer.This is his last shot at the playoffs.fuckin' pussy.
(Yzerman skated without knee cartilage for 5 months.) Christ, Jack Youngblood played two NFL playoff games with a broken leg. Only took aspirin to numb the pain.
BGL on the PP during a must-win game. Am I missing something? Tonight is huge.
(btw, Liverpool vs Chelsea tomorrow for another massive game)

Habsfan10 said...

You know, I love the pessimism and doom and gloom as much as the next guy, but check the standings. If the Habs beat the Rangers tonight, they're in the playoffs.

To borrow a phrase (since the Raiders haven't used it since about 1987): Just win, baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey assholes.

Schneider is on the plane to NYC. He might play tonight, or vs. the Bruins according to CKAC. I know, I know... It's CKAC. But I'm going to trust them, just this once.

I'm sorry for calling you guys names.

moeman said...

Just meth baby.

Word Verif = bosket, as in the Habs have a playoff spot in the bosket

Boob Gainey said...

Are we jinxed? Every mini-streak has ended in injury.

When Tanguay was injured he was our best player.

When Lang was injured he was our best forward.

Now, we lose the reason for our recent surge: the power play re-birth.

Maybe the Gods were angered by all the 100th anniversary hubris.

moeman said...

The CKAC report;


Yvon Gagne said...

Making the playoffs is not the issue. What happens once we are in the playoffs, Habs can’t keep up without Marky and Schneider.

So we make the playoffs just to fill out the phone booth a few times, buy tickets and beers at a ridiculous price and empty our pockets to fill Uncle Georges one.

Or maybe, we get the Ruins in the first round and win by some sort of hockey god miracle and Lang, Markov and Schneider all come back for the second round well rested and take us to the Stanley cup.

lawyergirl77 said...

10 - The last time we "only" needed two points to get into the playoffs was in 06/07.

Remember how that ended?

That's why I can't shake the pessimism...

Don't get me wrong, I still have lots and lots of hope because I don't think that we played badly last night at all. I'm just worried that history has a chance to repeat itself.

moeman said...

@lg77, the Gods can't be that crazy.

Word Verif = reery

Boob Gainey said...

I predict AK46 comes back tonight.

I would like to see Laraque sit.

If we win bring him back against the Bruins. Before the game: hypnotize him. While he's under, show him doctored videotapes of Milan Lucic saying bad things about his mother.

Van Hab said...

you guys are getting too big and popular! That makes me less comfortable taking off my pants.

Schneider will suck it up and play and rebuild himself or retire over the summer.

Lostinleafland said...

Question, is Price a boozer every day or only on game day?

Anonymous said...

If the Panthers lose tonight, the Habs just need 1 point in 3 games to make the playoffs.
Just one god damn point.

Jaybird said...

So weird about Schneider travelling with the team. Torn rotator cuff is bad I can't see him having power on his slapper. Where the hell is Cube anyways? Janik shit the bed las night and cost us the game....give Weber or even Subban a chance!

Word V: diess

Ummmm hopefully that is for Avery, but more likely it is what happened toour momentum

Anonymous said...

Jaybird- Subban isn't signed to a Pro contract. Can't call him up.
Janik played well, except for when he got leveled by Winchester and turned over the puck to Heatley. Cube is going to come back soon. Hopefully he can go back to his the way he played before he got hurt. He's like a little ball of fury.

I have a feeling RDS' torn rotator cuff story is BS. They might be right about Markov though.

Jaybird said...

@ shut -

I figured that! Pus Bellevlle is doing well in the playoffs. Probably better for him to get that experience! I think he had like 76 pts in 56 games!!!! WOOOOOOOO