Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Even These Guys in the Fake Suits Could Save Us

For a few minutes, there was hope.

Then those few minutes passed. 


lawyergirl77 said...

Apparently Tiny Tim had the flu during games 3 and 4.

Poor baby.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

That explains why he let in all those goals.

HoustonHab said...

Too bad Price didn't have the flu...

The last time Price had the flu the Habs actually won a few games.

gillis said...

According to rumours, price's flu was a cover for his court appearance for knocking up the 15 year old.

Bullshit IMO

Jaybird said...

Meh. Injuries are never an excuse as my father told me but gimme a fuckin break I'm throwing that out the window.

Lang was hotter than Shay Lren's left tit when he got hurt, Markov was having a Norris season and Schneider was amazing combined with him.

I don't like Tanguay. There I said it. Another soft forward who gets hurt a lot. I'm sure I'll take some heat for that.

I want Kovalev back big time...purley for my love of watching him he is the only Hab that makes me almost hit my head on the ceiling from jumpiong out of my seat when he scores. Gainey fucked up Komisarek with his shitty old school no re-signing rules. I have full confidence that Price will be back strong...anyone who has lost faith in that kid is an idiot.

WV: coachir

Should we get a coachir should Gainey keep doing it?

Boob Gainey said...


Court appearances are public record. How would that not get out?

Moey said...


Don't they have team condoms with a glow in the dark CH logo? They've got just about everything else.

moeman said...

@Moey, yes but those condoms didn't stretCH beyond Go H (NB - not based on personal experience)

Moey said...


snicker.....any suggestions for a marketing slogan?

South Shore Habs Fan said...

"Go deep in the playoffs?"

moeman said...


Anniversary CHondom slogans, stretCHed for your (and my) pleasure;

- 100th Cent...imeter

- Goin' 5-hole (apologies to our 4HF gals, or not, if not, call me)- The Price is Right

- This dink is not a Zombie

- The 4 in 4HF is for foreplay

- The F in 4HF is fuck the foreplay

- Want some (n)ice cream?

- je suis Blanc>Rouge>Blew

- Size matters, signed The Cube

- réjean tremblay has a really small dick, this is not réjean tremblay's dick

- recycled by Marisa Miller

- a little to left, that's it!

- U R D O O M ed!

- 111%

... and you 4HF kidz thought I was only good at song parodies

Moey said...

@ moeman, good stuff. And then of course there could be personalized ones from the players,

The Chris Higgins - only for use in a brothel in broad daylight.

The Alex Kovalev - caution, excessive foreplay required before use.

moeman said...

@Moey, "personalized ones from the players";

- The Carey Price, "oops, I splooged too soon, I'm only 21 Montreal"

- The Saku Koivu, "réjean tremblay has a really small dick, this is not réjean tremblay's dick"

- The Breezer, "this beats being locked in the trunk" (major innuendo)

- The Bob Gainey, "t h o r o u g h b r e d"

- The Semitic Saviour, "no foreskin = good, clean fun"

- The Carbo, "I wuz f@cked"

- The K Bros, "tits are more fun"

- The Jaro, "Oh Allah do me back-up-style!"

- The Gui, "a little tenderness goes a long way"

- The Markov, "meh, blame the Vodka"

- The Montreal Media Wankers, "sorry Sweetie but we masturbate 10 times daily, for our own fucking pleasure, hey Richard Labbée, lick this up!"

Sean Swift said...

Hey guys...posted this on Habs I/O, but thought you might be interested as well.

So, I ran some numbers on the playoff performance of this lot, and I think a VERY telling stat is TOI/GA, or Time on Ice per Goal Against. This is how it breaks down...the numbers are Goals Against (when they were on the ice), total TOI for the series, and TOI/GA. By this metric, your man Josh Gorges was our best defensive player.


Gorges - 2, 95:02, 47:31
Weber - 1, 40:48, 40:48
Brisebois - 1 (1 EN), 16:07, 16:07
Dandenault - 6 (2 SH, 1 EN), 84:18, 14:03
O'Byrne - 2, 26:08, 13:04
Hamrlik - 10 (2 SH, 1 EN), 101:14, 10:07
Komisarek - 8 (2 SH), 76:00, 9:30
Schneider - 4 (1 SH, 1 EN), 37:56, 9:24


Tanguay - 0, 30:57, 30:57
Kovalev - 3 (2 EN), 79:35, 26:31
Latendresse - 2, 46:57, 23:28
A. Kostitsyn - 3, 56:59, 18:59
Koivu - 4 (2 EN), 71:01, 17:45
Higgins - 4 (1 SH, 1 EN), 70:18, 17:35
Metropolit - 4, 64:16, 16:04
Laraque - 3, 43:50, 14:37
Dandenault 6 (2 SH, 1 EN) - 84:18, 14:03
S. Kostitsyn - 0, 12:10, 12:10
Kostopolous - 5 (3 SH), 56:05, 11:13
Lapierre - 6 (3 SH), 59:42, 9:57
Plekanec - 5 (1 EN), 40:47, 8:09
D'Agostini - 5, 35:28, 7:06
Stewart - 3, 17:01, 5:40

Moey said...

@ Moeman,


Pleky - N/A - too soft.

nd last but not least -McGuire's - M O N S T E R

Sonia said...


Pleky - N/A - Little Girls can't use them.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks...I'm a pleasantly suprised bruins fan (I just stumbled upon this site and expected a bukkake of stupidity just based on what I see on TV, you know, booing our national anthem and all, but I'm glad to note that you're not ALL assholes.) Great site and I'm sure our two teams will meet up again. Why DO the fans boo the star spangled banner anyway? I've NEVER heard O Canada booed here in the States...just wondering...

Anonymous said...

@al anon
guy, we don't all boo anthems. for one thing, i'm american, i live in montreal and i love the habs. and me and my yank friends don't boo either anthem. so easy on the "you guys this and that." that's like saying "why is everyone in boston racist?" the stuff just gets old.
word verif: distrumb
not quite sure why i'm so distrumb'd by the insinuation that i'd boo the star spangled banner, when honestly i used to hate it being played everywhere in the states.

Daniel Plainview said...

Oh Canada has been booed many times in the States. Some people have a selective memory. I believe it was booed in Detroit right after Canadian soldiers were killed by a methed out American in Afghanistan.
While it is a pretty lame and disrespectful thing to do, people need to grow a thicker skin. just shrug it off for fuck's sake. I'm more pissed at assholes who think its the entire crowd who partakes.