Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Via Rail, you do amuse me (in soul-crushing fashion)

We'll possibly get around to reviewing the game soon. Possibly not. We're kinda depressed here at FHF headquarters. But about an hour ago I received this awesome email from Via Rail, which I thought I'd share:

Dear Mr. HF29,

Don't let your travel plans get in the way of your love for hockey!

If you're planning on travelling between Toronto and Montréal in the coming weeks, just board Train 66 or 67 in VIA 1 class and you'll have exclusive access to the VIA 1 Lounge Car. The Lounge Car’s 42" flat screen HDTV will feature all the action of the Stanley Cup playoffs-so you won't miss out on anything. Cheer on your favourite team while travelling in style!

Book today! May the best team win!

They know me so well. Toronto here I come!


Boob Gainey said...

Shall we start the UFA debate?

Komi - sign if at all possible. Don't believe he's as bad as this. He's apparently the 3rd rated UFA this year so might expect more than he's worth.

Kovy - I love watching him play. So elegant. For me a definite return. He belongs in Montreal.

Koivu - I love Saku but I think he might be better off as 3rd centre for a powerhouse team like San Jose or Anaheim.

Tanguay - Most productive Hab this year on a per game basis, but not a dominant player. I'd like to see him return but good luck to him if he gets a big offer somewhere else.

Lang - unlikely.

Bouillon - so long fella.

Brisebois - so long fella.

Dsndenault - so long fella.

Jaybird said...

Halak is a hero or just has a terrible agent with the contract he signed for us. We got him for one more year at $800,000.00 which I'm super thankful for as he is a starting calibre goaltender. It's hilarious how Boston fans are the one cheering us on.

@ Tom - Everyone keeps bringing up Komi to prove Lucic fights guys his own size. I love Komisarek but he couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in his hands and Lucic knew it.
See Brashear fight - broken hand.

I found Gainey should have called a TO also. We were dominated in every aspect in the third. As for who gets the start in game 3 Price didn't let in any real bad goals....but Halak could be a saviour. Tough decision.

KOIVU - WANTS OUT (Bye, We love you)

Word verif: carbo
I wish I was lying. I was so happy to see him go after losing Perezhogin, Grabovski, Valetenko and now Emelin.

L Dude said...

Trains = Hobos, so:

Bob Cole's voice keeps on calling me
On the air is where he'll always be

Every TV break, I'll get a new drink
Can't stay for long, just turn around, we're on the brink.

Maybe tomorrow, the Habs will win a game,
Until tomorrow, I'll assume more of the same.

Down this road, that never seems to end,
Where a drug-induced haze lies just around the bend.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your meth, come travel light - that's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, the Habs'll win a game,
Until tomorrow, we'll all just feel shame.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your porn, come travel light
That's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, the Habs'll win a game,
Until tomorrow, keep finding someone new to blame.

Instrumental Bridge - you know how it goes

Maybe tomorrow, the Habs'll win a game,
Until tomorrow, imagine they aren't quite so lame.

There's a world, that's waiting to unfold,
A Free Agency tale, no one has ever told,

We've journey'd far but, you know it won't be long,
Before the Habs are booed out of town with the Olé song.

Maybe tomorrow, the Habs'll win a game,
Until tomorrow, there's still a chance, we can claim.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your drink, come travel light - that's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, a 16 game winning streak will begin
Until tomorrow, I'm gonna keep on drinking gin.

Joe said...

hilarious...going to be in my head all day now.

kevincrumbs said...

I really, really dislike Komi. However, I have no idea who we will have to replace him if he walks. Gorges being bumped up even further? Rhino (HAHAHAHAHA!)? Some UFA or RFA (HAHAHAHAHA!)?

If he leaves, I don't think I will care. Sadly, we'll have nothing better and that is really sad when you think about how much Komi has flat out sucked this year. Notice how no one calls him DOOM anymore? Maybe they do but it's more like the DOOM he brings to the Canadiens' backline.

I pray to Jeebus or whomever that we calm the fuck down and don't do anything dumb like trade Price for Havlat.

Kmaxx said...

Ahhhheeeemmmmm...madames et monsieurs...La grosse femme va commencer a chanter bientot! My apologies for murdering the language - should have spent more time when I was a boy studying "Ici on parles francais" instead of doodling drawings of Dryden making a game saving stop - wait what's one of those...? Never mind - maybe 101's the charm then eh?!

Go Habs Go! - Cause it ain't really over until she starts singing!

L Dude said...

Komi is the best option. Boumeester won't sign here. I don't know what it will cost to keep Komi. $4 million per? If he goes to UFA, somebody gives him $5 million/year no sweat.
Fuckin' Gorges can't even stand. Looks like he's got Parkinson's disease or something. Might as well sign Michael J Fox.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

I want to giggle at the '67 train going to Toronto... but after tomorrow night, this will be the first decade ever in which the Habs will have failed to win a Stanley Cup.

UFAsTANGUAY - Only if he signs for 5mil or less.
SAKU - He deserves a Cup. I hate to say it, but he should find it somewhere out West as a 3rd centre.
KOVY - KEEP. He may be streaky, but he's still got it, and he loves this city. Though I wonder how a possible Gainey departure may affect him.
LANG - Keep if he takes a pay cut (3mil for 1 year?). We need reliability at centre, and he's a great mentor for the Tits.
TOM THE BOMB - Gone. We have younger/cheaper/bigger/more talented pluggers, not to mention better fighters. I'll miss him, though.
FRANK THE TANK - Keep if he takes a big pay cut. Anything over 1mil and he's gone.
DANDY - Keep, for a little less money. He's been invaluable this year.
KOMI - Keep if he doesn't ask for too much. Everyone sucked this year, and he has made decent defensive plays. And he desperately need size wherever we can get it.
SCHNEIDER - Gone. I like him, but he can't handle size or speed.
DENIS - Iunno?

Barring any big free agent signings over the summer (ha!), I see this as our lineup next year (not based on who I would keep, but on who is probably coming back):

Big Tits - Lang (A) - Small Tits
Pacioretty - Pleks/Maxwell - Kovy (A)
Lats - Laps - Stewart
Higgins - Metro - Laraque/D'Ags

Markov - Komisarek (C)
Hamrlik - O'Byrne
Gorges - Weber

Halak or some old dude

Huzzah for rebuilding

kevincrumbs said...

@SSHF: Man, that is a depressing lineup. Well, at least I don't see Petrov, Montgomery or Savage there.

Komi having the "C" on his chest makes me want to run away screaming. Sad sad sad.

lawyergirl77 said...

Kovy would have the C on his chest before Komi.

Sign that the Habs suck: friends of mine are trying to ditch their tickets for tomorrow's game. Pair in the whites for $300.

Not ONE person at work has expressed an interest.

Granted the price is a outrageous considering the suckitude, but still... last year this wouldn't have happened.

What a difference a year makes.

Maybe I'll be able to upgrade to the front-row whites I've always wanted next year...

lawyergirl77 said...

is it just me or does it already feel as though the Habs have been eliminated?

The last time I felt this shitty was the year that the Laffs eliminated us during the last game of the season.

HabsFan29 said...

@LDude - outstanding btw

@LG77 - just as I read your comment, CBC Montreal Tweeted this:

CBCMontreal wants to know: How hopeful are you that the Montreal Canadiens can beat the Boston Bruins tomorrow night?

So yeah, my answer to CBC (i have zero hope) means it feels like it's over


/ suffering 4/20 withdrawal

moeman said...

@LDude, that was great.

lawyergirl77 said...

I want them to win tomorrow to avoid the ignominy of a sweep.

I want them to lose tomorrow in order to just stop the pain already, so that I can get on with my life.

lawyergirl77 said...

L dude - just went back and read the song.

You sir are a mad damn genius!

Now I have the LIttlest Hobo theme song stuck in my head. God, I loved that show...

HabsFan29 said...

I think the original theme and opening from the Littlest Hobo would cheer us all up a bit

L Dude said...

29: You read my mind. I just was searching for it. Then got listening to it in Spanish and German. God I loved that show.
Thought the under 30 crowd might need a hint how to sing the song too.

TH-TO said...

Under the headline "Merchants brace for post-Habs vandals" the Gazette noted that the police are "closely monitoring internet chat rooms to make sure vandals aren’t planning to stir up trouble."

So I guess we should say a big "Bonjour" to our friends at the Service de police de la ville de Montreal. I'm guessing the general notoriety of FHF means it's probably a blip on someone's radar someplace!

It bears mentioning that, if the SPdM has been paying attention to much of the commentary, it should be painfully clear that anyone who is serious enough about the Habs is too emotionally (and physically, as well, having borne witness to HF10's shattered nerves today at lunch) wrecked to have any energy left to riot, far less loot.

Loot bags are for Halloween, which is a long damned way off.

Jaybird said...

I'm 28 and have vivid LH memories...like the episode at Wonderland which was the tits to me.

I love how Ricky had the tv taped to his hood watching littlest hobo through the windshield singing along at the end of a trailer park boys episode. He was so alone as are we today. Great job LD.

gillis said...

I hope they play at the Falcon or Whitlock, it would only be a two minute drive till I can kick 'em all in the nuts if they dont win the next two games.

TH-TO said...


HF29...coming to Toronto...

When pigs fly! HF29 avoids Hogtown (pardon the pun) like the place was still blanketed in SARS!


lawyergirl77 said...

TH-TO: Fuck, do you blame him? I avoid it too!

(I keed, I keed!)

gillis said...

@LG77: double letters?

TH-TO said...

It has its pros, though quality hockey is not one of them... =)

gillis said...

^^im talking about the tickets.

lawyergirl77 said...

Gillis - yup.

Noda said...

Pardon the ignorance but: Any news on the possibility of Emelin or Valentenko coming back to the Habs organization? Have the Habs written them off, not want them anymore or are they still in the plans? Would either be in a position to step right in with the Habs or would they need more time in Hamilton?

moeman said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's game babe.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ Noda
Valentenko signed a 3-year deal this past fall, and by the time that contract is up the American college boys will be ready. I doubt we'll see him again - I feel for the guy, his parents needed the money and there was no space in the lineup (oh, irony...). Emelin has apparently said that he wants to sign a new deal with his KHL team, so it's unlikely that he's coming, either. Bastard. I thought he'd for sure be headed to North America after the questionable medical treatment he got after a concussion (they carried him off the ice on a freakin' cot with no neck brace).

The defence prospects that could get a spot next year are O'Byrne, Weber, and maybe Shawn Belle and/or Mathieu Carle. Most of our prospects are a few years away, and would need at least one year in the AHL. [/prospectnerd]

I am going to punch something if the Subbanator gets called up next year. If they fuck up his development... heads will roll.

Since tomorrow will likely be the last game of this God-forsaken season, why not go out with a bang? I fully expect to see Jaro's head photoshopped (badly) onto Keeley Hazell's body.

lawyergirl77 said...

SSHF - Mr. Lg77 and I disagree vehemently as to whether or not Subban needs a few months of seasoning at the AHL level. I agree with Mr. LG77 that he's the most ready out of any of our untested prospects to make the jump to the big team (and he really didn't look out of place in last year's exhibition games).

But then I look over at Gui's slow progress and I think to myself - a year in the AHL is what he needs.

kevincrumbs said...

LG77: In Subban's case, not being Quebecois will most likely help him in terms of the Bell Centre crowd not clamouring for him to be brought up right away. At least that's what I tell myself so that I don't have to imagine him wasting away with minimal minutes on the big club.

Olivier said...

Uh. Of all our Defense prospects, I'd say the mot promising-looking one for next year is Weber. No insult meant to Subban, but Weber already was the 8th best scorer amongst D-Men in the AHL this year (2nd amongst rookies, 7pts behind something named Mattias Karlsson, owned by the Sens; that Karlsson dude is 6-3 and 24y old, 218, just had 51pts in 73 games in the AHL; they didn't had a spot for him on the big team?).

And altough he looks Brisebois-esque fighting for the puck in the corners, he already looks better than most of our D on the offensive side of the puck. If Subban is at the same point next April, I'll be over-joyed. But I'll believe it when I see it.

Weber actually had 44 pts in 68 games; our good friend Patrick Traverse stands at 42 un 78 games...

Aaaah, Traverse... Good times.