Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Sunday Brunch Skate for April 5th

Bullet points for what you missed while wondering what the fuck HF29 is up to. What the hell, it's the last in-season Sunday for the Habs...
  • 6-2 over the Leafs. Thank fucking god. Seriously, had we lost that game it was Hari Kari for me. Kovy had 1G 3A and could have had more. Jaro held the fort when needed. PP was good again. Mad Max and Gui! have chemistry. Commentor Boob Gainey reports Markov and Schneider, who both left with upper body injuries, will be ready for tomorrow. No other media outlet that I can find has reported that, so good job Boob!
  • Whalers punch their ticket for the playoffs with a win over the Pens in OT. Canes are 12-1-2 over their last 15 games. Fear the Whale, people, fear the Whale;
  • Sens beat the Flyers in a shootout;
  • B's beat the Rangers, clinch the Eastern Conference. Also, Sean Avery is up to his old tricks:
Whew. You should be up to date now.


Pension Plan Puppets said...

Good round up although it should read that South Africa beat Australia by seven wickets.

Moey said...

I'm still fuming over that little ass wipe Grabs hit on Markov.

mmm...those eggs benedict look delish....

Baroque said...

You forgot to mention how cute bunny rabbits are. :)

But I forgive you.

Moey said...


I was reading through last night's comments, fun stuff, from boobs on the previous thread to bunnies. I think the next topic for tomorrow night's game thread should be hot hockey players, something for us chicks.

verif word - pussivat (I kid you not).

gillis said...

219 fuckin comments? And i didnt even comment once last night. I feel left out. Is that a record?

Avery is a douche. I f it really was an accident he would have turned around and given Thomas a pat on the back. I fuckin hate that guy. I hate Thomas too but I hate avery more.

Thank god Markov and hotdog boy will play tomorrow. The PP would be nothing without them.

I hate fuckin Kovalev for fuckin messing with my mind all the time. Imagine he was consistently good... that would be impossible.

Two Goalies got into shoving matches, Thomas and Miller. Haven't seen that in a while.

Do the Raps mathematically have a chance at making the playoffs? How many games in an NBA season?

Rangers aren't going to amke the playoffs.

PS. I was flipping through channels last night during intermission and came across our good luck charm Ms. Miller. It was a show about the world sexiest cover girls. She was only #18. It was channel 32 on my TV.

lawyergirl77 said...



I would totally be down with a feature on hot hockey players. The only problem is that looking at their birthdates makes me feel skeevy. *sigh*

And gillis - you missed a party last night. Leafs fans got in on the fun too. But non of the actual FHFs were there during the game (29 popped by later), so you really shouldn't feel left out.

Topic - that picture of brunch is making me hungry. :(

Daniel Plainview said...

I am really looking forward to the playoffs. if they keep this up I think the Habs can make some seriou noise.

HabsFan29 said...

gillis Raps have a mathematical chance, but it's slim to none and leaning much more to none

oh you ladies and your bunnies

Ben Dugas said...

I was at the game last night volunteering for the 50/50 draw. Some funny things:
-I didn't rub it in (because these people are volunteers and they're very nice) but it was extremely satisfying watching the 1st and 2nd period on television in a packed room of Leaf fans saying things like "Aw man", "Well at least Montreal's not gonna make the playoffs" and "Gerber is terrible".
-they were giving away signed Leaf pucks and I took a peak once everyone had had their pick and there were 8 pucks left: 1 Carlo Colliacovo and 7 Ryan Hollweg's.
-by the third there were definitly more habs fans out there.
-When Grabs was leaving the ice I definitely saw someone spit on him. This was satisfying. I hope they suspend the little punk.

Moey said...


I was born way too early...and it's highly doubtful les boys would be into grab a granny. Well, maybe Chelios.

Bryan said...

love avery. im gearin up to get myself an avery shirt soon.

gillis said...

@LG77: Alright good, I dont feel so left out anymore.

I'm not sure if you guys talked about this last night because I dont feel like going through 219 fuckin comments, but, I'd just like to point out that Laraque did not follow the code last night. The guy jumped him and he just started pounding him. I liked it. I'm glad he didnt ask permission to kick his ass.

And I was so pissed after the higgins goal when the CBC commentators started saying that Plek interfered with Darth Gerber even though Gerber clearly tried to take out Pleks legs with the end of his stick.

gillis said...

And whats the nick name for the Kovy-Koivu-Tangy line. Dennis Kane is calling it the "Big Line" and if you guys were to name it the "KAK" line you guys could combine to make the "Big KAK" line.

Anonymous said...

Big KAK line is awesome. Except it sounds like you're a fucking Masshole every time you say it.

HabsFan29 said...

nice fucking collapse Villa. you just couldn't do Liverpool a favour, could you

/end soccer moment

Tom said...

If you add up the ages of Kovalev, Koivu and Tanguay, it equals 100.

It is also the 100th year of the Habs.

So I think a name like "Centennial line" would be best. Has to do with the anniversary and the players.

Baroque said...

The problem with cute hockey players is the aforementioned "old enough to be their mothers" factor, and the fact that good looks have nothing to do with hockey talent. Some of the players who are the most to look at on the ice are ordinary-to-ugly just walking around, and vice versa.

Case in point: Ovechkin. One of my favorite players to watch, but looks like the mentally-deficient younger brother of the Geico cavemen. :)

@ gillis -

It was one of those fun game threads where the conversation wandered all over, including to topics that had nothing to do with the game at hand. That's why we all babbled so much.

boob gainey said...

This might be a minority view, but I don't think Kovy was ever really bad this season. He's been a thrill to watch all year long (except for the dumb penalties).

First, his linemates were not always playing very well.

Second, remember the famous saying: only the mediocre are always at their best.

Anonymous said...

boob, I agree.

I think he's been playing the same way all year. Obviously he has his better games and whatnot, but when you try to deke through 9 guys, some times it'll work, some times it won't. And you have to remember that last year he had a free ride. This year everyone on opposing teams was gunning for him. He was the target, he was the guy to cover.

Scratch said...

LMAO! That Avery guy. LOL! Dude, that's 70s Broadstreet Bullies stuff. At least, it gives the game some sort of personality.

And Jack Cocksucking Edwards. What a tool. Remember this shit? You, Jack Edwards, ought to get together with the Vagalanche announcers in a moldy circle jerk and call each other bunny names. Double-talk, double standard, two-faced, hypocritical son of a bitch Edwards.

And I can't leave you puppies without a parting shot so click here and have a proud day showing off your manhood.

Anonymous said...

219 post in the previous thread...Why don't you guys open an irc channel?

Daniel Plainview said...

wow, what is Edwards doing there? it sounds like he is having an orgasm.

HabsFan29 said...

site announcement - every Best Anonymous Commentor Ever now known as Scratch link should be treated as seriously NSFW. not that i mind

and Jack's maniacal laugh is really freaking me out

@shutdown and boob - while i agree Kovy has been often wrongly maligned this year, there have also been many moments, shifts, periods and even games where he has been totally disinterested. though that's Kovy, i guess

moeman said...

Off topic but mesmerizing;

Scratch said...


I getcha, HF29. I'll make sure to put that NSFW disclaimer in there for those stuck in a meeting at work and suddenly can't leave the room because their oaktree erections under the table threatens their productivity.

Anonymous said...

moeman.. i haven't stopped watching.

Anonymous said...

Yo if any of you want more coverage on the Canadiens, maybe with less references to Crystal Meth check out
It'll be worth your while.

Ian Vitro said...

That Edwards shit is freaky.

Fuck Kovy. Again, if I hear his name in the same sentence as "enigma" one more time I'm going to flip. He shows up for games against the Islanders and the Leafs (sometimes) and scores 4 points. Against Boston - 1 point this year.

I don't think he's been playing the same way all season. I think he just finally punched in for work the other week, hoping he can get a decent contract off the back of his play for the last 10 games of the season and the playoffs.

He certainly wasn't taking control of games over that 47-game stretch where he scored 8 goals. Then he puts some effort into his last 6 games and he's everyone's fucking hero.

Fuck that guy.