Friday, April 10, 2009

The Morning Skate allows himself a moment of celebration on this Good Friday

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of breaking par at Augusta...
  • Okay TMS, chill out. That's fucking embarrassing. The Habs are supposed to be in the Playoffs, it's in the good book;
  • In all seriousness, Habs lose 5-4 in OT and clinch a playoff spot. They were led by Dagger's two goals and The Semitic Saviour who should have been at a passover seder like TMS. From all accounts, it was a decent game and made people think we could compete in a series against Boston. You guys broke 300 comments once again, well done. Anyway, more later today;
  • Rangers clinch the other final spot in the East, making Gary Bettman and NBC smile;
  • Caps clinch second in the East, so Habs will get either Boston or Washington depending how Saturday night shakes out;
  • The West is still messy. The Oil is out but 6 through 10 still not set;
  • The next Winter Classic will be at Fenway.
OK TMS is off to the land of the 56k modems for a couple of days. Not to worry though, the land of the 56k modems is outfitted with a 42 inch HD LCD for the Saturday night finale. Roughing it is tough. Enjoy the long weekend everyone, and Happy Easter.


Jacobs Can Kiss My Ass said...

For what its worth, I can tell you that every person in Boston in praying to the hockey Gods that you guys stay in 8th, not because we hate you (...which we respectfully do), but because A)we want to see good hockey, you have to admit, this is the best rivalry in sports. And B) it doesnt matter how far we go into the playoffs, if we dont at some point play Montreal, it wont mean nearly as much to us. You are the snake to our mongoose. We hate you, but we need you.

Having been at the game last night, I can say that your fans were out in full force. Looked to be about half Bs and half Habs fans. Well done guys. Made the $125 balcony seat well worth it.

Just an FYI from Bean Town.

"- Canadiens, iN
- Bruins, IN
- Black Hawks, IN
- Red Wings, IN
- Rangers, Maybe
- Leafs, heh"

That makes me feel all tingly inside.

orangeman said...

Habs are going nowhere with Price in net.


(As I begged before, I hope he proves me wrong!)

Moey said...


Agree 100 percent, even if we only manage one round it has to be you guys. Great game last night.

L Dude said...

Wow, what a game!

@Orange: though he doesn't look like the confident pre-flu Carey, other than the Kessel goal (which was screened by Hamr), can't blame him for anything last night. When 2/3 of your D-corp are playing like fucking retards (pardon me), 5 goals against is a good night!

I'd like to see Halak play the Pens, but Bob is going to start Price for the playoffs. He made the decision a year ago and he's not letting go.

BTW, I'm thinking of starting an on-line petition to rename this day Great Friday. I think Jesus would be OK with that.

Robbie said...

Got to pull some positives out of every negative and give the boys their due. The whole playoff picture for them should have been fucking cleared up along time ago! But such was not the case. The fuckers showed some guts and depth in coming back and dominating the second period. In my mind they cannot compete in a 7 game series against anyone, un-fucking-fortunately.

Could someone get a message out to $sign$ (Price) i know he likes lines but you think the fucker could stay in between them, every time he ventures out beyond the crease i need to take a nitro pill..for fuck sakes.

Number31 said...

Jacobs - Habs fans feel the same way about the Bruins. We hate them but we love them. It's a weird relationship. But right now, there's no other rivalry out there that's as awesome, except maybe Habs vs Grabovski which goes nowhere...

Still, a Rags/Bruins match-up wouldn't be so bad either (someone can pummel Avery), and a Habs/Caps match-up could be fun too!

Now... Bob's got a few days to fix those spectators of a pack of defensemen we got left. Komisaurus needs some brains in his feet/hands.

eyebleaf said...

Congrats, guys, even though orangeman is right.

The Price is wrong ... bitch!

Daniel Plainview said...

I didn't think he was that bad last night.

Boob Gainey said...

I only hate the Bruins. I don't love them at all.

Lunch-pail mediocre cro-magnon go into the corners trapping thugs.

I hate Claude Julien too. He got fired by the Habs and went to New Jersey. He got fired by the Devils and went to Boston. Starting at the top and moving down isn't a good way to have a career. Unless you're a spice girl.

Once gets fired by the Bruins what next? The Leafs? And then: analyst on RDS.

Anonymous said...

I for one am rooting for the Habs to end up in 7th so that I can watch the Capitals destroy them while I'm living in DC. Despite having spent the first 35 years of my life in Montreal, I'd root for DC just to fuck with HabsFan29's head.

Ian Vitro said...

So are we even going to show up against the Pens on Sat? Guaranteed rest for Price and likely Schneider, but I wonder if any/all of Kovy/Koivu/Tanguay are going to have a wee sit-down...

I'd love to watch another Habs-Bruin series. Especially if 1) we pull a 2002 repeat and spectacular goaltending leads us to knock-out the top-seeded Bruins from 8th, and 2) BGL turns Lucic into a nasty-looking smear on the ice.

moeman said...

Glad I could make you tingle JCKMA.

Word Verif = ovele, as in ovele da Habs have made da playoffs, now what?!