Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ol' Puck Coach still has a few things to get out of his hairy head

Yesterday, La Presse published their interview with the old coach who we all now look back at with fondness. Or hatred. Or a little bit of both. Carbo had a few interesting things to say, which as usual we are happy to translate for all our friends south of the 49th who don't speak the language of Mitsou.

"Est-ce que j'ai regardé les matchs du Canadien en séries? Pas beaucoup...Pour moi, c'est important de m'éloigner un peu, de faire le vide"

Did I watch that piece of crap team in the playoffs? Fuck and no. It was important to put as much distance between myself and you dicks in the media as was humanly possible.

"Oui, j'ai entendu parler des partisans qui criaient mon nom au Centre Bell... C'est réconfortant, c'est plaisant de savoir ça."

Yes, I heard about the Bell Centre fans screaming my name. It's nice and all, but where the fuck were those fans when I was leading the team to glorious losses to the Leafs in February? That was the time to scream my name. Could have maybe saved my job.

"Ça n'a pas fonctionné cette année, mais ce n'est pas à moi de dire ce qui s'est passé"

Yeah, Habs had a pretty shitty year. How am I supposed to know what went wrong? I was only the head coach.

"Est-ce que j'aurais fait quelque chose de différent? Pas quand j'étais là."

Would I have done anything different? Don't be ridiculous. Well, except maybe the losing.

"Mais je ne pense en avoir commis une (erreure) quand j'ai dit publiquement que j'étais à court de réponses. Ça, c'était plus de la frustration, parce que je devais répondre aux mêmes questions des journalistes trois fois par jour."

You dicks in the media and your repetitive idiotic questions are now haunting my dreams, and I was frustrated back then not being able to tell you to fuck off.

(re who was really responsible for his firing) "Je ne veux pas embarquer là-dedans. Je ne sais pas ce qui est arrivé, je vais peut-être chercher à le savoir un jour, mais pas maintenant."

I have no fucking clue what goes on in the minds of hockey executives. Some day, when I become a GM, I'll know.

(re his future plans) "Ce n'est pas moi qui vais choisir où je vais aller, a-t-il conclu. On verra. Mais je pense que j'aimerais être de retour derrière un banc la saison prochaine"

God forbid I get a job offer after the Habs crappy performance this year, I look forward to coaching next year in a place where the fans don't understand hockey. Then I'm sure I'll be successful.


Anonymous said...

My favourite FHF tag is back.

Carbonneau, you monumental asswhipe.

Boob Gainey said...

I can't believe Carbo's firing has been turned into a French - English thing.

I know, if you're Rejean Tremblay everything is a French - English thing, but this is ridiculous.

KML said...

Everything is a French-English thing when you are completely devoid of anything useful to add...and you are membre du nation de Quebec...and you think Ribs was the 2nd coming...and you're completely retarded.

lawyergirl77 said...

Boob hit the nail on the head - Réjean turns everything into a French-English thing AND he fucking loathes Gainey.

I love the "they don't teach this shit at Berlitz" posts! hee!

Melly said...

Mike Boone is, once again, the voice of reason.

From his latest at I/O:
"A readers' poll, results of which were splashed across the front page of the scab Journal de Montréal on Monday, had a hefty majority calling for the return of Carbo and the firing of Bob Gainey.

It is possible, without being Sherlock Holmes, to divine the strategy of Québecor, the company that publishes the scab Journal and owns the TVA network that aired the Gala Artis.

Québecor can be relied upon to consistently play to the cheapest of cheap seats when it comes to playing the wronged francophone / evil anglophone card.

The Carbo/Gainey saga is tailor-made for their brand of low-rent tribalism."

Nail, meet hammer.

Jeebus help this team if Québecor ends up buying it...

Daniel Plainview said...

I will always love Carbo the player with all my heart but Carbo the coach can fuck the fuck off forever.

And its hilarious how some pieces of shit are trying to turn this into a french-english thing seeing that Carbo sensibly spoke out against the whole stupidity that is Bill 101.

bond said...

The possibility, though remote, of a final coached by by Vigneault vs. Julien leaves me delighted.

moeman said...

Fuck toueh Carbo.