Friday, April 03, 2009

Sexy Friday spices up your game review - Habs 5, Isles 1

Our new lucky charms would like to welcome you all to Sexy Friday. I've heard they're magically delicious.

Look, we beat the frakking Islanders. The worst team in the league by far. I recognized three Islanders last night, tops. John Tavares won't even be able to help that load of crap. These ain't Brian Trottier's Islanders. It was a game we should have won, and we did. Big fucking whoop. So let's spice things up with a Sexy Friday view of some notes from last night.

Our top line that shall remain nameless dominated once again. If Koivu could really finish, Kovy may have had 6 assists in that game. But they worked it on the PP and worked it 5 on 5. Tangy's goal as he held on to the puck, used Kovy as a decoy and a defender as a screen was outstanding. The Kovy-Koivu-Markov tic tac toe goal on the PP was a beaut. In honour of the hottest line in the league right now, here's the hottest chick in the world according to FHM, Megan Fox:

How about Jaro last night? That was some quality work. Steps in at the last minute for a flu-ridden (GET SOME FUCKING SHOTS NEXT YEAR) TFS and makes the quality saves when he had to. So for our favourite Slovak goalie, here is our favourite Slovak supermodel, Adriana Sklenarikova:

And a shout out to BGL for his good work in his first game after sitting out 4. He played hard, didn't take stupid penalties, and had fun fighting. You know, it must get boring sitting in the press box. You know what else is boring? Cricket. But not in this case: (nsfw)

So that about wraps up the couple of things Sexy Friday has to say about the game we should have won and did. Up next for the Fucking Habs:

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Robbie said...

Holy Fuck! in that last picture with the maple leafs logo on that ..huummm...string...i'd love to have a fucking major wardrobe malfunction with that. It might be the only time you might see me drooling over any fucking thing leafs...TGIF and TGFBBB (you figure that one out)

Good weekend boys.

Ben Dugas said...

I know it's the end of the week but I think you're slipping with the detail work here.

HabsFan29 said...

@ Ben - thanks. it isn't 2008?

or marisa's tits just threw me off

hockeyzombie said...

Wow, thanks guys.

The KAK line?

gillis said...

Last nights game was a joke. The bulldogs could have beaten them. The game was basically one giant powerplay for the habs, even when they were playing 5 0n 5. A powerplay against the Isles is like a 5 on 3 against any other team. Probably one of the most boring third periods I've seen in my entire life.

gillis said...

and my verif word was right yesterday when it said "whing". I knew it was a sign that everybody at the Cage were getting 8 free chicken wings.

By the way, my verif word right now is "emeth". haha. Its like the drug version of email.

gillis said...

Kovy is injured according to TSN.

James said...

Did anyone notice yesterday that Pierre Magdouche said something positive about the Habs?

He actually called Max Lapierre 'the league's most improved forward for this year'. How cool is that?

Anonymous said...


You're welcome, man.

Go you fucking Habs!

moeman said...

@Anon, Wow!

Word Verif = sperf <-- à propos

HabsFan29 said...

@anon - i see your Marisa body painting picture and raise you a Marisa body painting video

god bless sexy Friday

moeman said...

@hf29, nice, much more fun to allegedly go blind to video than still image(s). Bonus, pause, rewind, screengrab, zoom, HQ, splerf.

TH-TO said...

Cricket is nowhere close to as boring as baseball, though I will admit it is not quite as consistently heart-wrending as the good old hockey game can be...

HF29 - if you're not careful, I really *will* start charging you a booking fee per SeeBeeSee appearance. Trust me - I can make it happen! =)

Verif: Nanceri - as in, HF29 is a nanceri boy! *naff*

Anonymous said...


LMAO! Fine! You want at it, man? You got it.

Clicky here, bitches.

And the other day, I was the one who posted the youtube link where she said, "Yes, I am naked."

Word verif: ringa.

Hope that puts some fucking ringa in your fucking balls.

Go you fucking Habs!

moeman said...

@anon, you win and WE WIN! That video is lickable.

Word Verif = ofspil

Anonymous said...

FHF, in all honesty and sincerity, I think you four numbnuts have one of the most fun, informative, strongly opinionated blogs on the internet. It's amazing. It's addictive.

Keep up the damn fine job.

A Wings fan.

Yeah, I'm that asshole Anonymous posting those Marisa Miller links.

Go you fucking Habs!

HabsFan29 said...

@ Anon - you have single-handedly removed the stigma of the anonymous commentor. i bow to you, sir.

sorry it took me a few minutes to react. i was, uh, busy. twice.

moeman said...

hf29 can reload, who knew?

Anonymous said...

No, get the fuck off your knees, man. Get that shit outta here. LOL!

All I ask is that you just keep doing what you're doing because FHF has something not many other hockey blogs have: real, genuine passion for the Habs and the game in general. If your blog comes across as juvenile or immature, it's because you still have that kid within you that played shinny. Yes, it's that fucking important to me when I read hockey blogs.

So get drunk, get happy, and then get laid.


Jaybird said...

Alright I'm sorry to say I've had enough of the "Well we should have won last night's game anyways" shit and the "Woah watch out now here come the leafs they took us out last year" shit and the "why are we jumping back on the gangbangwagon so fast" shit. We ARE the gangbangwagon. Or I am anyways. And I'll back my shit up; if Montreal loses tomorrow I'll never post another message again! Chew on that pessimistos!

Kmaxx said...

Fab had me hanging on every word and picture...right up until you ended it with that skanky bitch in a Laffs top...shame on you!

Let's go you fuckin' bunch of lazy overacheiving assholes - don't lose your bottle tonight of all nights...pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeee!

Kmaxx said...

Sorry...I got carried away in my last should have read ..."lazy UNDERacheiving bunch of assholes..."

word verification: fouradis - as in...I'll have fouradis but leave the skanky Laffs Hoe at home!