Friday, April 17, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, April 17th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being a founder of the Pirate Bay...
  • FUCK. We guess you could look at the Habs loss two ways. On the one hand, they played well, Bob had some sort of game plan (albeit a whacky one), we showed we can make this a series, it was a great playoff game. On the other hand, FUCK. I'm going with the latter. More later today;
  • Blackhawks beat the Flames in OT;
  • BJ's aren't reaady for prime time yet, lose their Playoff premiere to the Wings;
  • Ducks prove an 8 can beat a 1;
  • Doug Risebrough is out as Prez/GM of the Wild,
Inside View of the Massholes
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder has his Game 1 review up already, it's just a nice fact-based approach;
  • You may have noticed a "Raquel" hanging out here. She really brought teh funneh in her Habs-B's preview over at mass hysteria. Raquel used to be famously known around the interwebs as futuremrsrickankiel. Not sure why she changed it (HGH?), but if only we could date within the division, she could be futremrshf29.
We would say Happy Sexy Friday everyone, but we're too fucking annoyed.


Daniel Plainview said...

I still fucking hate that shaved gorilla Chara. what a douche.

Nochoice said...

FUCK is the way to go... I swear if we can't clear the puck better (or at all like lastnight)we're dun!
However, if we can continue to hit that low talent gorilla off the puck in the offensive zone, we gots a hope. I watched Chara for years in Ottawa and he cracks under pressure, its why he doesn't shower.

kmaxx said...

If last night showed me anything it's that we can play with these fuckers. A bit more polish around the net and we'll be ok. But now is not the time to mess with the best line we've had in months (no pun intended) Put BGL back out with Metro and Higgsy. Playing Tanguay with Kovalev means more Bruin time has to be spent looking after Tanguay, which leaves Kovy more time to shoot and Saku more time to fall around in front of the net - which could in turn lead to more power plays and shots from the point from Schneider - eventually one of those is going to hurt Chara's foot or (wishfully) face - and with him out - we still have a chance!!

Sonia said...

…its why he doesn't shower.

@Nochoice - I think Chara was the inspiration for this episode Word verif: didles
...and there goes HF29 for some "alone time"

TH-TO said...


That's an image that's gonna fester...

*wanders off to dump bleach in his ear in a vain attempt to ward of unpallatable images of HF29*

Sheriff25 said...

Both teams played okay last night. Neither was firing on all cylinders. As a Bruins fan, I couldn't understand why Gainey would put Laraque with the Midget and the Comrade. He looked waaayyyyy out of place on that line. Also, I respect Komi for the skill he has, but him punching Hunwick (who is a lot smaller) in the head at the end of the game was ridiculous. He and Lucic are the same size, but when Lucic cleans the ice with him, everyone is pissed off. Boiled down, I see that Komi will go with people smaller than him...but not a big, strong kid that can take him head-on. Weird.
Either way, VERY entertaining game last night and I can't wait for saturday night. You guys have the best Habs blog. Fuck the rest.

Raquel said...

Aww. You're so charming I won't even rub last night's victory in.

(Really, I just changed the name because Rick Ankiel went all mainstream and it suddenly wasn't as cool.)

I'd comment further, but my head fucking hurts and the lights in my office are SO BRIGHT AHHHH

TH-TO said...


Charming? Clearly you haven't met the scruffian we all know and, love, as HF29. Either that, or winning game 1 has severely clouded your judgment.

Also, notwithstanding recent equipment purchases, I'm guessing his slice is still the best in the game. ;-)

Cheers from the barren wasteland of Hogtown


HabsFan29 said...

@TH-TO - i took the new driver to the range last weekend. magnificent 250 yard slices

orangeman said...

I've read some of the Boston media's coverage of the game. Like the announcers at the end of the match, they seem to be a bit too conceited about the whole thing. Wow, you barely beat the 8th place seed who is without their best player at home. I'm not taking anything away from them, they won fair and square. But a little perspective would be worthwhile. And it's only game 1.

The Bs are supposed to be the class of the East, and maybe they are. But I definitely didn't see that last night. If I was a Broons fan, I'd be more concerned than cocky. But, having the necessary logical functioning brain to make this happen I would have more sense than to be a Broons fan to begin with.

Hugs to all the B fans here! I don't hate you, I feel...confused by you.

Jaybird said...

@ Sheriff -
Only Komi will go with someone smaller than him? What fucking games have you been watching because your boy Lucic ONLY fights guys he can bully and Komisarek has had maybe three fights in his career and is terrible at it. I think I've seen hunchback lose all his pride because everytime Laracque is on the ice he skates with his tail in between his legs. Lucic is a complete coward don't come on here with your "I've watched on habs game and know everything" PJ Stock knowledge.

On March 31st I was watching a game where hunchback sucker-punched JOSEF MELICHAR and it disgusted me. We win Saturday and we have home ice advantage....C'Mon Timmy Thomas you were lucky game 1 we OWN you.

kevincrumbs said...

My problems with this team right now are:

1) Cannot clear the goddamn zone. I make at least one comment about this in every live game thread. Fuck.

2) We haven't won in eons. Jesus, we last beat the Isles, right?

3) Not so much a problem but a wish... can I witness a couple of fucking shutouts here?

I would think that BGL won't be on the number one line at the Bell Centre due to Gainey having the last change but since it didn't completely fail having him on the first line, I can see BG going with BGL on the first line again on Saturday.

We have hope in this series that, you know, it can be made into an actual series. LG77 talked about being worried about how the B's come out on Saturday night. Once again, survive the first half of the period and go from there. One of the few good things about this team is that it has shown resilience in coming back when down and I think this team will be using that skill a lot. Sadly, they can never seem to finish the fucking job.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

There are about as many Habs fans commenting on this blog as were in the building last night. So much different than last year.

If Ference gets healthy again soon, watch out.

There was only 1 game this year between the two teams that wasn't decided by 1 or 2 goals, and only one of those 2 goal games didn't feature an empty netter.

The Habs and the Rangers seem to play tough against the bruins all the time.

I miss Marco Sturm.