Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mom explains the loss - Sens 3, Habs 2

First off, Mom29 was really excited about all those comments last night. She can't wait for ice cream! She is delighted to read all those comments this morning while she slacks off at work. Mom - she's just like us!

Anyway, Mom, in an email, had this to say about the game last night:

I have to say, when the olé started with half a period still to play, I did think it premature - how can we stop those idiots???

Fucking right mom. Though the olé chant and the booing has already been discussed to death around here, I think it has more to do with the whole "the 100th season is jinxed" meme.

Anyway, not much to say about the game last night that hasn't already been said by you guys. I did think the Fucking Habs put in some decent effort in the face of tough odds. DOOM did his best to be all 6 defencemen at once. I really didn't think Janik was that bad. One gaffe, but overall looked not out of place. Jaro made some great saves early, and really was beaten by an actual goal scorer, so I don't blame him.

The one person I can blame? Bob. WHAT THE FUCK WAS GEORGES LARAQUE DOING ON A 5 ON 3 PP???? I called it a "Carbo-esque experiment" in the thread, and that was not a compliment. Look, the PP has problems without a point man, but BGL IS NOT THE FUCKING ANSWER. Put a fucking forward on the point, put Gorges out there, call up Yanick Weber, but fuck DO NOT PUT OUR DESIGNATED CAN'T ENFORCE ENFORCER OUT THERE.

OK, enough. Let's move forward. Beat the Rangers. Please.


Tom said...

If the powerplay is 0-9 in a game, or is in the middle of a 2 for 52 streak, by all means, stick the enforcer in front of the net.

Any other way, you're just asking for trouble (unless said enforcer scores).

Robbie said...

Maybe Mom could help out on the Power play. Fucking better then what we had last night i'm sure.

Jaybird said...

Call up Weber! Give him a period or two at least...had a great season in Hamilton (44 points), right-handed shot. I can't handle Breezer flubbering pucks on blue lline on these mega important last few PP's.

What is the deal with AK46? I understand the benching for one game but we need him big time. Wonder if there is more to this story.

Word verif: bankeyst

The street I will be getting hammered on (I'm from Ottawa) if we lose tonight.

Moey said...

I wonder if the Bros K are on their way out of here after the season. We really have to win this game tonight. GO HABS!!

verif word - escrab

as in I hope a million tiny escrab invade Grabs' nether regions.

Habitant d'Ecosse said...

Tonight - Laraque vs Avery


bea_habs_fan said...

I am thorougly depressed and ice cream flavored vodka with meth sprinkles has done nada for me (except for the splitting headache).

I cried last night at our PP and screamed at DOOM to get back to his position as he tried to channel Markov (very very unsuccessfully).

Our D will have nothing left in the tank tonight.
Oh God montreal will be flooded in a sea of tears.

word verif "flusn" so close to flush ......

L Dude said...

My vote for the game day skate babe because we're playing that greasy bastard Sean Avery.

moeman said...

Coach/GM Gainey is playing Dags and Big Tits whilst sitting out BGL and Stewie.

moeman said...

TFS™ in da pipes.