Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, April 21st

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of government alien cover-ups...
  • Fork, stick, done, etc. No one really believes we can come back from 3 down, do they? The thing is, Habs played pretty decently in the 3-2 loss. For the first 2 periods anyway. Especially considering that line-up. Well, all that and a nickel will just get you more heartache these days. We don't know what that means either; we're too distraught this morning to be coherent. More later today;
  • Unlike us, Flames managed to at least win one;
  • Capitals too.
Maybe we'll get hit by a bus on the way to work today to make the pain go away.


moeman said...

Habs suck.

Bruins suck less.

Boob Gainey said...

I'm not mad at the Habs. They did their best.

Now we can cheer for the Caps to beat NYR so that the Bruins meet the Pens instead of the Rangers in the next round.

Kmaxx said...

Fuck fuck and more fuck...come on guys - 5 fuckin' shots in the third period!!! ...'nuff said...Go Habs Go...fuck...

Robbie said...

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Anonymous said...

From Boone's live game blogging last night: "3P 00:37: Kobasew wins a foot race against Koivu. What are you gonna do?"

Yeah, that about sums it up. What are you gonna do, indeed.

lawyergirl77 said...

Another line from H I/O today (From Steve Kerley): "This year
has been death by a thousand cuts in terms of being a Hab fan. Only one
more laceration left to endure."

Yup. That about sums it up too.

I'll be there on Wednesday, but I'm definitely going to be detached from it all. Definitely won't have the sore throat I currently have on Thursday morning (even if they pull a game out of their ass and manage to win one).

And then, life will go on.

TH-TO said...


The way the STM drivers drive, coupled with the potholes that I presume still dot the Mtl streets, getting hit by a bus is not as farfetched a bet as you might think. :-)

Re: the game - well, if you do a sort of side-by-side comparison of Habs-Bruins vs any of the other matches last night, it looks either like the former is in slo-mo, or the latter are sped up. Either way, not a shred of pace in Mtl's play, and no legs do not for winning conditions make.

As someone said, best break out the golf-clubs. I'm sure the Falcon or Challenger are almost open for the season...

word verif: antizuc. As in, I wish a drug company would come up with a new antizuc medication for our Boys.

Sonia said...

No Markov, No Tanguay, No Schneider, No Lang, No Miracle. Just Maggots.

moeman said...

@lg77, "And then, life will go on."Are you channeling Céline?

KML said...

Honestly, they don't have the proverbial "horses" to beat the Bruins, who are playing very well.

That said, God help us if Gainey stays behind the bench. Two key aspects of the Bruins win can be largely chalked up to coaching - breakouts and the 3rd period trap.

Boston ran the same breakout over and over with almost complete success because Montreal kept sending 3 men deep. Similarly, the Habs had no answer for the B's trap.

I was screaming during the 3rd period for Gainey to call a timeout and make adjustments, but he looked completely tuned out. I'm sure he talks to the team during the intermissions, but more is needed throughout the run of the game. Last night was the first time that I seriously wondered whether the game has passed by Bob Gainey.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

@LG77: Oh come on, you're going to start cheering from the moment they announce Halak as the starter.

Laraque had the second-least playing time behind only Stewart. And that's on both teams.

Byron Bitz is a point-per-game in the playoffs, Shawn Thornton has more goals and a better plus/minus than Joe Thornton.

Come on guys, it's way more fun when you're full of Bruins hate rather than all this moping about.

Lucic will be back for game 4. Focus your hate on him. He has a similar stat line to Neely in his youth.

Ben Dugas said...

Can this become a post season blog NOW? We're wasting valuable time here.

It was a pretty amazing effort for a while there considering we were missing Markov, Schneider, Tanguay and Lang. I don't know if the credit should go to the players of Boob.

I think we need an older goaltender next year. Giving Price the #1 job so early might have worked but it didn't. I'd like to see him have to work his way into it next year. In another year or two hopefully he'll be the goaltender we need.

I'd like us to re-sign everyone we can but we shouldn't offer Kovi anymore than you'd pay any 60-70 pt player and I don't know what to do with Koivu but we need a better #1 center. Pleks and the Tits get one more season.

Verif word: trapplic, make of that what you will.

Sheriff25 said...

@CH: it's kind of sad, isn't it? Their team isn't even done yet, just down three games. Where's the spirit here, Habs fans??? If you support your team, go all-in and cheer the loudest you've ever fucking cheered. Leave it all on the ice. At least go out with your heads high instead of this wanh-wanh bullshit.

That being said, the Habs suck, Gainey is aloof, and Price is still the goalie of the future...in a senior men's beer league.

And don't be angry because our 4th line grinder/fighter/stud Shawn Thornton put one in last night.

Boob Gainey said...

Bring on the off-season free agent / trade speculation.

It's way more fun than these playoffs.

Lucic is different than Neely in one way. Neely wasn't a coward.

Boob Gainey said...

Hey Sherif25.

That's hilarious. Bruins were playing to empty seats until this year. They have the most bandwagon-esque fans in the league.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Every Boston sport has a ton of bandwagon/frontrunner fans. The red sox fanbase even has the term "Pink Hats" for it.

There's nothing wrong with this, despite what you'll hear from diehards.

Cam Neely absolutely wasn't a coward. I think Julien probably had everything to do with Lucic not fighting Laraque.

Word verification: gostsu, as in You've gostsu cheer for your team.

Boob Gainey said...

Cornelius - Lucic doesn't fight anyone who can fight since he got beaten badly last year.

He's game to fight players smaller than him though. No problem with that.

You have a damn good team otherwise.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Boob -

I haven't taken the time to confirm or deny this, but I prefer Lucic's scoring game anyways.

Fighting is a little overrated. Of course, if he (or anyone else) does fight someone in the garden, I'll be cheering with everyone else.

This team gets me really excited.

James said...

That was pretty gruesome yesterday, wasn't it?

The Habs proved they were no match for Boston, and they also proved they can't even put up a decent fight to make it an interesting series.
They showed that, for about 20 minutes in a game, they can barely keep up (but still get scored on in bunches), but THAT'S IT.
The rest of the time, it looks like a Junior AA team accidentally stepped onto an NHL ice for a playoff game.

Should Halak have started instead of Price? Will Halak start the next game? No to both questions. Gainey is first and foremost the GM of this team, and he has to think about the future. Hopefully Price is the future (more so than Halak anyway) and he needs the experience.
Gainey knows, like we all know, that this team is going NOWHERE in these playoffs, so what's the point? Give Pricey the experience, maintain his 'confidence' and hopefully that makes him stronger... that's the only positive thing that can come of this mess.

In the end, isn't it appropriate that the Bruins sweep the Habs? It's just a small retribution from the universe for all the past playoff raping from us. It was bound to happen.

Can't wait for UFA cleanup this summer.

Word verif: unlast
as in, the Fucking Habs can't unlast more than another game in this series.

lawyergirl77 said...

CH - I'll cheer for them for sure. I can't get this team out of my blood. But I won't be screaming my head off the way I normally am during a playoff game. I can recognize the better team when I see it. And that is a CRAZY admission for a person who sees the Bruins logo and has the urge to punch something.

I supported my team throughout the 90's and early 00's. I love this club for reasons that are often unfathomable to me because these fuckers bring me so much pain when they suck.

We left EVERYTHING out on the ice, and we could only manage a tie. We just don't have the horses, especially in light of our injuries (although, I think that even with our injured players, this would have been a 7 game series with anyone's guess as to the winner).

I'm just praying to avoid the sweep on home ice. That would be fucking humiliating (even though they deserve it. Especially if Ganey starts Price.)

Melly said...

I think I'll be part of a very small minority tomorrow ... I'm going to Game 4, and I'm going to cheer my ass off.

They're not playing well, they're broken and bruised literally and figuratively, it hasn't been their year, but they're still the fucking Habs - our fucking Habs - my fucking Habs.

Tomorrow's game will be my last chance to see them live this season, and probably the last time I'll see several of the boys in the CH 'cause who knows what this'll team will look like next season. So, I'm going, and I'm going to cheer. I'll be damned if I send my team off to a chorus of boos.

Bleu blanc et rouge, bitches.

Tom said...

He's game to fight players smaller than him though. No problem with that.Lucic - 6'4", 224lb

Komisarek - 6'4", 245lb

This argument has never made any sense, and it won't make more sense just because you keep repeating it.

If you guys repeat the misery of this season about 5 or 10 more times in a row, you'll begin to understand where B's fans have been the past decade. Thus, the bandwagon.

fezworth said...

I agree with James, that Price should start the 4th game. Like it or lump it, he's the future of the team, and he's got to have his failures. Last year wasn't as much of a disappointment for him, because he won that crazy 7-game series with Boston. He'll be kicking himself this year, but I don't want him to feel like he can let himself off the hook. It was his series to win, and he didn't do it. He's got to go back to Salmon Arm, and regroup, so that he can be the Jesus Price he's supposed to be.

lawyergirl77 said...

Melly - I'll be at the game too. But, trust me, it's getting really tough to scream and yell and get emotionally invested when it just makes me want to cry when that final green light goes on.

I didn't feel this low when were were eliminated by the Flyers last year. I still had hope. Now, I'm just empty.

But I would never boo them during their last game of the playoffs. I wasn't mad at their play last night per se - I was mad at the situation. But I don't doubt that they all gave 100% of whatever they have in their tank. You could see that during the first and second periods.

Unfortunately, the guys are Hyundai Ponies, while the Broons are Hummers. Big yellow and black fugly, polluting, obnoxious, over-compensating Hummers.


L Dude said...

I agree with James and fez: Play Price. I doubt Halak will even be with the Habs next year. Via trade or free agency, they'll pick up a veteran to share the load with Price next year. Brian Boucher, Scott Clemmenson - somebody like that who can play 25-30 games and give a team a chance to win.

And with Pat Roy behind the bench (which scares me yet excites me at the same time) and Rollie the Goalie gone, you're looking at a brand new Carey Price.

But this year ain't over yet.

Habs vs. Caps in Round 2 - I can't wait.

lawyergirl77 said...

fez - the only way he can be Jesus Price is to stop schtupping minors, start taking some goddamned responsibility for his actions and grow into a man.

Firing Rollie Melanson would be another step in the right direction.

cottoneye said...

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not angry, I'm not even sad. I didn't even have the heart to watch 110% (which I usually do after losses because 110% fuels my anger). Just nothing. Meh.

Melly said...

LG - Yeah, I hear you. I'm pretty drained after last night too, that eternal hope they were going to turn it around in Game 3 was burning pretty bright and it was hard to watch our broken team not be able to run with the Broons.

And absolutely, when did Rollie get coated in Teflon and how has he escaped the axe for so long?? Coaches come and go, but Rollie stays. Baffling.

Robbie said...

To build on what 77 said, we have a little boy playing for the most storied franchise in Hockey (some will say sports in general) The little fucker has not once taken a single tea spoon of ownership for his own fuck ups professionally or personally. He is over-rated, over hyped (say thank you to the media fucks awaiting the second coming of Roy-Dryden-Plante) He has neither the staying power or the performance to back up anything. Hey Price, the Junior championship shoot-out memory is gone. We only care about what you do in the red, White and Blue, and so far that has been not much of fucking anything. Is everything his fault, NO! but carry your share for fuck sakes.

This team is fucking broken, its tired, its old, its fuckinjg disfunctional, were becoming like the fucking Maple Leafs and the city of Toronto (except we have good strip clubs), all the die-hard fans in here recognize this, yes we love to bitch and moan about it but frankly its not even about that anymore. Its about where the fuck were going next. How this franchise is going to restore some fucking class and style and dignity. The past is the past it can carry you only so far and since 1993 has long since gone so has the right to piggy-back on it. The fans here love their team and hate it at the same time...which in my mind is fine.

I'll be at game 4 and they will always be my team. They just need a compete fucking overhaul...


Boob Gainey said...

Price did move too fast to the top, but remember that even the Roys, Luongos and Brodeurs typically take 2-4 years in the NHL before becoming dominant.

BTW the La Presse bigots are having a massive orgasm at the thought of Gainey being fired. Read it at your own risk.

moeman said...

Thnx Boob, read the hypercyberpresse articles. Shorter version = blame Bob.

lawyergirl77 said...

Shocking. La Presse hates Bob. Wow. Didn't expect to see that coming.

I mean, Réjean Tremblay hates blokes. BG hates the press.

'Tis clearly wuv.

Grrrreg said...

If you guys repeat the misery of this season about 5 or 10 more times in a row, you'll begin to understand where B's fans have been the past decade. Thus, the bandwagon.I have the feeling the 90s and early 2000s weren't exactly kind to the habs either, Tom. Thus, the pain to see a promising team fail to build on a very successful 2008 season.

And thank you Melly, your comment was inspiring (this is not sarcasm, I mean it). This edition of the habs was disappointing, but I'll be sad to see some of them leave. I hope they win the next one to avoid a sweep, and to end this season with a little bit of dignity.

Daniel Plainview said...

I hope Babs stays.