Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The FHF declare 2 days of mourning. Team not worthy of full seven days of Shiva.

Post your condolence messages here. Don't cry my angels. 

Can you pass it on to your wife? - classic.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Good night.I'd feel sorta bad if it wasn't the Habs.

Good on the fans that cheered the end of the season. Boo on the fans that booed.

Thanks for the memories, guys. 1929, 1992, 2009.

You can always fall back on 18 straight series of wins.

And never in the finals. Jerks.

Ben Dugas said...

Word verif: amancho
The pun possibilities are endless.
Also: boooooo.

Daniel Plainview said...

we've beaten you in the finals. please see famous pic of Elmer Lach and the Rocket hugging in mid air while Schmidt sits on his ass.

unless I completely misread what you are saying.

Sal Paradise said...

Not to mention the '77 cup win *in* the Gahden.

Meanwhile....this fucking sucks. I don't even know who I want gone from the team...but there was a lot of rot on this team. Even early on when they were winning...they were winning ugly and undeservedly. At times I felt that there were too many guys with last names starting "K" (Koivu is the exception...for the heart and courage he showed throughout his time in Montreal I will defend him to the end).

I'm not sure what to make of Price's reaction to the easy save....this was the guy whose rep coming into the league was how "cool" and "in control of his emotions" he was.




Word verification: genettap

Losing in four to the Broons is as wonderful as a walloping genettap to the gonads.

PS - Thanks's always a pleasure to make you a part of my daily internet time-wasting.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

"And NEVER IN THE FINALS" Makes this choketennial all so much more sweet.

Also, this cheap champagne tastes good.

Anyone not completely offput by my jerk face, feel free to join the Bruins bandwagon (hahahaha, like any of you are going to, it's cool, I understand).

Holy Flannel said...


I have no idea what this team's gonna look like next year. This is going to be a verrrryyyyyyyyy loooooooonnnnngggg summer. Watching our players sign with other teams, watching coveted free agents like Bouwmeester, Gaborik and Hossa slip through our fingers time and time again.

But look on the bright side. Next year could be our rebuilding season. We already have a lot of the pieces in place, lots of good, young guys. Some we haven't seen in Canadiens uniforms yet. Just think:

Guys like Ryan McDonagh, P.K. Subban, Max Pacioretty, Matt D'Agostini, Alexei Yemelin, (is Valentenko still ours?).
And don't forget: Price. I don't care if he had a terrible season, he's still the future. This season has given him experience and invaluable experience about dealing with pressure.

eyebleaf said...

My condolences, friends.

Come, join us on the golf course.

Daniel Plainview said...

I still don't get this "never in the finals" comment. google is your friend.

Daniel Plainview said...

oh and did anyone hear that Babs called the fans "assholes" in a not so indirect way.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

I mean that because the bruins have never beat the habs in the finals I hate your team even fucking more.

Clear enough for you?

Enjoy the offseason.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the game. It wasn't a good experience, to be honest, and the product on the ice was only a small part of the crapitude.

No, they didn't play well, but for the fuck of shit, I'm so tired of a large percent of Canadiens' spectators. Note how I can't call them fans. The chanting, the heckling, the mocking and sarcastic applause, all directed at the team you're supposedly supporting. It was awful, it was uncomfortable, it was meanspirited, and it gets worse every year. It seems to have become cool to have this bitter, jaded, angry attitude towards the team, as if they've personally insulted you by not winning.

There's a huge difference between being disappointed at their performance during this choketennial (thanks, Cornelius), and being fucking dicksmacks about it.

+1 to the guys in the greys with 'Lucic is a Bitch' t-shirts whose cheer during the second was short-lived but hilarious.
+10 to everyone who stuck it out until the end and tried to drown out the pointless boo-ing.

Thanks for a great year, FHF. Sorry for the cranky drunken ramblings.

tfediuk said...

who knows, maybe this will be incentive to push for a big name.

word varif: "butchro"

how could they butchro 9 and win the cup in 2010 with the same team?

Melly said...

Forgot to sign in. Anyways, Anonymous Ms. Cranky McDrunkpants up there ^ is me. Figure I should at least put my name to my rantings.

Holy Flannel said...

Of our free agents, if you can, bring back UFAs Tanguay (who never really got a chance to show himself consistently) and Komisarek. Hopefully he won't be asking for 6 million a year (a lot of experts expect this because of Phaneuf's contract; they're the same type of players defensively, but Phaneuf has an offensive upside).

It pains me more than you can imagine to say this, but I think it's time that the Montreal Canadiens and Saku Koivu go their separate ways. He's always been my hero and favourite player. I've always believed he was a great leader and, especially come playoff time, a great, fierce and intense competitor. I think it would be in his best interest to sign with another team. Let's face it, he's getting old and his chances of winning a Cup are narrowing (and after a season like this, those chances are nearly non-existent in Montreal). Any team would take him in second at 3-4 million. He would be invaluable to any team, as long as he is not relied on as the no. 1 centreman. He would definitely excel in an environment where the spotlight is not on him and where he can be a leader. As a no. 2 centre with reduced ice time, he could really be productive. I hope for his sake that he signs with a bona fide Cup contender and that he becomes the champion that he is. He never deserved to be treated the way he was by the media.

Maybe bring back Kovalev, just so that the fans can hold on to something. Maybe.

Hopefully we can keep RFA CHris Higgins (maybe at a discount because of his awful season). He's the fastest and fittest guy on the team and I think he's ready to take on a bigger leadership role if this team takes a youth turn.

Basically, I think this organization and its fans need a fresh new perspective and an entirely different look. Set the expectations way lower. Be more understanding of the team and less critical. Don't boo your 21-year-old goalie.

L Dude said...

Well, just fucking great! Now we're just like the fucking '79 Bruins. The boys were poised to make the big comeback and get the 'too many men' penalty. FUCK ME! Don Cherry must be home laughing in his crypt by now!!

Oh, and Kevin thanks for the thanks (in the previous thread) on the booing call from game 3. Too bad I couldn't have predicted a Habs win sad. Must go cry self to sleep.

I'm going to cheer for the Bruins now to see if it has the same effect that cheering for the Habs had.

South Shore Habs Fan said...


Who will want to trade their big name? The only one I can think of is Lecav, and he's damaged goods with an ugly contract and no desire to play in Montreal.

Maybe Gaborik? Maybe?

WV: marlyz. Is that where next year's lineup will come from? I hope not.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

@L Dude

Thanks for the support! Toot Toot! All aboard!

WV: persp - as in...

Watch Carey persp.

Those home fans were half jerks. I feel bad for y'all about that. The Blues also booed an anthem but at least they stood by their team through it all.

bkblades said...

CBC has an article up already about Gainey's take on Carey Price and his mock salute to the crowd.

bond said...

ok asshole fans......... time to start rebuilding.... but while that's happening, get used to seeing b.burke's fat ass rebuilding up ahead. it's going to be even more difficult to be laughed at by the leaf!!! lunatics for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

@ bond
Burke may have a year's head start, but he's trying to build a big, tough, defense-heavy contender from a team with little to no decent defense prospects other than Schenn. I'd say we're ahead of them in that department.

tfediuk said...

@South Shore Habs Fan

I don't know. Seems like anyone that goes to Montreal tanks after a while. I don't blame Vinney for not wanting to play in Montreal. Look at the way players are run out of town. It's sickening! Everyone's going to have to forget about the past. It's the fuckin' past! Leave it there! Everyone has to stop fuckin' comparing these young guys to all the greats. That's just like me punching your six year old kid because they could never keep up to Crosby at a hockey camp. Dump the past, quit fuckin "boo"ing, and release your anger on something other than cop cars. As disappointing as it is, I can't wait for October. See some old faces, new faces and listen to your praise for Tanguay when he has 50 points at the half way mark.
WV: Small "Blyptize" in with Bruins second round defeat to the New York Rangers as Tim Thomas eats Sean Avery and goes down with indigestion

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ tfediuk
I know, it is sad. And I don't see it changing anytime soon. The lockout may have filled the Bell Centre, but at least the mid-90s sucky teams didn't have to deal with the ridiculous expectations today's team does.

tfediuk said...

Look at all the cup hangovers (Carolina in 2007) At least we made it, but then again, they won the most recent cup. I think we can make it next year. Their contracts won't be as fat, but they'll do it again, and they'll win a cup again. Hopefully while I'm young enough to celebrate it. lol

South Shore Habs Fan said...

As long as Montreal is the next Canadian team to win the Cup, I'm happy.

Bryan said...

to top it all off, those cocksucker Flames won... FUCK!

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Olli Jokinen first star.

This season sucks.

Anonymous said...

this is the third game i missed this season (i had to play a show) and it seems it might've been for the better. i have to defend price all night at my bar and it seems that tonight would've been one of those nights. i hope everyone has a nice off-season, fans and players alike.

tfediuk said...

South Shore Habs Fan said...

"As long as Montreal is the next Canadian team to win the Cup, I'm happy."

My thoughts exactly. Here's hopin' Chicago pulls off the run to the cup.

wrap around curl said...

I am pouring some of my 40 out for you. And by 40 I mean my giant slurpee.

Cheer up, buttercups.

My word verification code is dresses. It's a sign from the Stripper God.

Moose said...

word verif: unico.

What a disappointing end to a disappointing season. Im angry and im bitter and for some reason I still love this team, but damn do they make it hard. I'm not mad at the fans; we can be assholes. We know it, you dont like it? Find another team. I'm mad that we - as a whole, the team, the fans, all of us - couldnt keep it together enough to want it badly enough all season and into the playoffs.

Lets start drafting the list of human sacrifices to make to the ghosts of the forum. Its gonna be a long fuckin' list!

orangeman said...

I know I bitched about Price on here, but let me say that I wouldn't have joined in the booing or jeering if I were lucky enough to be at the Bell Centre. I have even said that I hope the fans boo the Habs off the ice at various times, but I didn't really mean it literally. I haven't been to a game for years, but I did see quite a few in the late 90s early 00s. If I can cheer my heart out through that I can cheer through anything.

I was always just happy to be there and really the feeling I get when I see the CH in person malfunctions the part of my brain responsible for pessimism and cynicism. I predict the first game next season Price will get a long standing ovation. Not to defend the booers, but the guys on the ice are paid millions of $ to entertain us and sometimes it feels like we care more than they do (this does NOT apply to Price). The thing is that I love the Habs so much that I would never boo or hate anyone willing to put on the jersey.

This summer will be interesting. I'm anxious to see what direction Gainey will go in (or if he's still around to do it). Blow it up and rebuild, or just add missing puzzle pieces? Go with youth or try to land veterans?

Anyway, thanks FHF for the fun. I'm rooting for the Caps in the East and the BJs in the West. What can I say, I love losers.

Daniel Plainview said...

booing the team doesn't really bother me that much, (though booing last night was just plain wrong) but picking on one guy is really wrong.

KML said...

Booing a team in what is clearly its last game of the year, when the players are mentally defeated and obviously upset at how they have disappointed everyone, is wrong.

It almost makes me want to channel my inner Pitino - "the Rocket isn't coming through that door..."

All of the booing shitheads - those who targeted the U.S. anthem, Price and Koivu - can get fucked. You just cost us any coveted free agent and may have caused more than one player to ask for a ticket out of town. Maybe you will all be happy when the team is full of Latendresses and Lapierres, given how well they played in this series.

Oh sorry, I forgot the team's saviour, a 30 year-old with hip problems that doesn't want to play here.

I love this team, but I wish many of its followers (good on Melly for not writing "fans") would jump off a bridge.

d. said...

Ah, well, what're you gonna do? The Bruins iced a fairly superior team and played a solid series where they capitalized on all their chances. They are looking good and, as much as it pains me to say it, I hope they steamroll through the East just so we can really appreciate what the Habs were up against.

Of course, once in the finals, I hope they taste bitter disappointment by getting blown out in game 7.

For our guys, not sure what happened to Kovalev in the last two games. I get the sense that he gave it his all in the first two games, didn't see anyone else respond, and just couldn't muster the strength to keep doing it on his own.

Price can only be blamed for not stealing games. And if you want to boo him for not doing that perhaps some management of expectations are in order.

Koivu, as I've said, is the man. I hope he stays. I hope he wins a Cup. I hope those two aren't mutually exclusive.

Ian Vitro said...

A lot of these Habs needed booing a lot earlier in the season. These losses aren't Price's fault any more than they are Halak's. With defence like that in front of me, I might ask for a trade so I could play properly. Kid got hung out to dry by a largely inexperienced and/or incompetent defensive squad.

Kinda happy about this in a perverse way. We need deep re-organization on the ice and this kind of playoff result will encourage that.

Maybe we could get a new strength/conditioning coach as well? This team hasn't played 60 solid minutes since last season some time. Latendresse's skating actually got worse over the course of the season, I swear to god.

Jesus. Apr 23 and already out of the playoffs. Do Leafs fans feel like this every year?

Raquel said...

The 2008-2009 Canadiens are dead... but the Four Habs Fans live on! And for that I am grateful.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side these were four straight "Good" losses according to Gorgeous George.
Prescription for next season= More Flying Frenchman, less Dynamo Montreal. The euros (with a few exceptions) tend to be somewhat mercenary. Give me a big rugged farm boy from Moose Jaw over some government high-rise bred son of a loan shark from Novgorod any day of the week.

Federko said...

Could one of you please tell me why Komiserek is so stupid? Why would you want this goof on your team next year? That is twice he picks a fight with Looch and twice he takes the beat down, then high sticks him to really finish the chance for your team.

lawyergirl77 said...

I'm embarassed to be a season ticket holder.

Not because I booed. No, I cheered for this fucking team that I love so much until my throat was sore at the end, in spite of the stuff that was thrown at me.

I'm embarassed because that means taht I'm being lumped in with the 500 or so classless bastards who thought that they were "teaching them a lesson" by acting like total fucktards.

Gainey is right. Laraque is right.

Being the best "fans" in pro sports isn't about the sellouts - it's about NOT SELLING OUT when you're actually fortunate enough to be in the stands. Melly is right - those people aren't fans, they're just warm bodies occupying a seat.

Hell, frickin' Zedeno Chara probably has more brain cells to rub together than the lot of them.

Last night was heartbreaking, not because of the sweep, but because of how it happened.

I have booed the Habs before, I'll admit it. But NEVER in the playoffs. NEVER when it was clear that they were as frustrated as we were. NEVER at the end of a long and frustrating season where clusterfucks conspired to condemn us to mediocrity.

With the French media gleefully following every foible, in the name of filling inches/airtime/ad space.

I'm disgusted. Bring on summer.

moeman said...

What lg77 said.

Plus, the media jackals love to incite. They did. We saw the result. They are fuckers.

Anonymous said...

All the news is saying Dave Kellerman killed himself because of the Freddie Mac debacle. What surprises me is that the news is not paying any attention to the fact that the apparent suicide might be because of the Habs performance. In any event, I will miss his input on the Habs both on this blog as well as on Habsinsideout.
I was wondering if this site had a comment?

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


I pretty much agree with you on all that. Except the "bring on summer" bit.

I've booed goals against, but I'm hoping the team understands I'm booing the bad guys and not their play. I love the Bruins like all fans love their team. It's why I taunt the other team when possible.

Fans are fucking stupid sometimes and I hate them for it. Doesn't matter whether they're shirtless with a drawn-on Neely jersey (no lie - I saw this at the Gahden) or head to toe in Bleu Blanc et Rouge.

You guys are great, keep your heads up, and I look forward to trolling these comments more soon enough!

kmaxx said...

May the centennial season rest in peace. Thanks FHF for a great season and I agre with most whenI say it's gonna be a looooooonnnnnngggg summer!

lawyergirl77 said...

CH - you even agree with the comment about Big Z's brain cells?? Nice!

I'd post about the other thing that is freaking me out about this team - the squandering of our youth movement - but I don't want to have my head explode again this morning.

That being said, I would KILL to get my hands on a press pass and go down to Brossard to give some of the players hugs while they pack their garbage bags. I really hope they know that we still love them, in spite of the bitter disappointment (brought to you by the RDS propaganda machine).

Wow. That was touchy-feely even for me.

lawyergirl77 said...

Réjean Tremblay is calling for Gainey's head.Shocking.

Moey said...

Well this season was some roller coaster ride. If we had been able to ice a full team against Boston we could have pushed to a game 7. C'est la vie, the sun came up and life goes on. I hope Bob stays, along with Koivu and Kovy. If we manage to land a big center this summer even better. It'll be interesting once the full injury report comes out. As for those dickhead boobirds, what can you expect from amoebas?

Boob Gainey said...

Did Bob really use the phrase "obnoxious assholes" in his press conference?

Good for him if he did.

Sheriff25 said...

Word verif: xrstches. "After taking a crosscheck to the face, Lucic needed several xrstches to close the wound."

Go B's.

Sheriff25 said...

@LG: I agree that if the Habs had been fully healthy, this series would have been different. And in my opinion, Bruins vs. Canadiens in the playoffs just doesn't get any better, regardless of who wins (and yes, history has the Habs with the upperhand). I say this with last year's memory of the Bruins getting bounced early still in my mind. When these two teams line up against each other, I get excited and feel like a little kid in line waiting to meet Santa. There is no other team in the league that does this to me. Bruins/Canadiens games are just different.

@the whole FHF Crew: would it be possible to jack someone else's blog of whatever team the B's play next? Though you cheer for a team that I despise, I laugh my ass off everytime I come here to see the latest and greatest. There are some big questions facing the franchise, and I will be checking back constantly to get your collective take. My hatred for Habs fans has diminished (just a tad, mind you), as I see there are least four intelligent people that love their team and this sport just as much as I do.

I raise a drink to your collective efforts. See you all next year.

kevincrumbs said...

Good on Bob for defending Carey. The one good thing this may do for the team (the ugly booing, etc) is allow Bob to sell them on a "it's us against the world" mentality. I always think of football managers doing this shit (Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger) and it does seem to work. There's no one out there who likes this team, not even its own fans, so you've got to go out there and make your own luck.

Someone suggested here previously that it was pointless to play Halak. In the grand scheme of things, winning last night and then losing Saturday night in Boston was pointless. Bob wanted to put Carey through a baptism of fire and give him more experience. Sure, no one imagined it'd be like this. On that note, this series and the way the team reacted and played will help Bob sort out the shit from the uh... slightly less shitty.

I suggest a long hard look at all of the coaching staff. Hopefully the new coach will bring in his new people and clean out all the coaches, especially our favourite whipping boy, Rollie Melanson.

Last but not least, if we're burdened by our history perhaps this year was a big lesson from the Forum Ghosts that it's time to move on. At least we got this all out this year and can move forward without ridiculous posters with Andrei Markov channelling Doug Harvey.

Go Habs Go. Oops, I mean Golf Habs Golf.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


Nope, that was a hungover mistake. Damn you cheap champagne! (p.s. I love you, champagne. I hope we can share moments like this again soon)

Moey said...

@ Kevin,

I totally agree with you on Pricey. I said those very words "baptism by fire" to my BF last night. If Bob had thought we had a shot of winning this series he would have played Halak at some point. Good on Carey for dissing the crowd, he's not a robot and I like that he showed some Royesque emotion.

Oh yeah, go Pens!!!!!

lawyergirl77 said...

CH - I miss champagne. Stupid hockey.

Can you get your boys to FUCK AVERY UP if you play the Rangers next round?

Once the Caps get eliminated, hockey will be officially dead to me for a year. *sniffle*

lawyergirl77 said...

Moey - the crowd absolutely deserved to get dissed.

Koivu stood near the door and made the players stay out on the ice to salute the fans in the end. That was another classy move from a classy guy who definitely doesn't deserve the abuse he has taken during his tenure with the C.

Boob Gainey said...

For those of you who haven't seen it yet and like our national sport I recommend the Ducks - Sharks series.

It is some awesome hockey.

Robbie said...

It strikes me kind of funny as we all sit here in reflection of what happened this season and some people keep falling back on the injuries and the what ifs. The harsh reality is this team was dysfunctional from the top to the bottom. Is it easy to put a finger on exactly what it was or what caused it? No. However this idea that any small tweaking of this team would have resulted in anything more then what we ended up with is just plain delusional.

In the final analysis we aer starting to sound,a ct and behave exactly like the Maple Leafs. There was a time where on paper the Leafs should have gone deep into the playoffs, but never managed it cause the internal working of that team were seriously fucked up. Much similar to what we are living now.

From front to back this team has to restructure, refocus and get off the (we have history we are XYX henceforth everyone should just accept whatever we tell them to). The history cannot carry this team anymore, a couple of people mentioned and rightly so that the Habs will always be different then the Panthers or the Sabers etc simply due to the fact that you cannot pull down and burn the banners which hang int he rafters and then pretend like your playing in the Saddeldome. That said the direction of the team and the way it is managed and run seems to have absolutely no direction or strategic goal. in essence the only goal worthy is to win the Cup. Anything else is just "super-flow".

In this town where now no one of caliber wants to play the media (especially the French media) has fueled the controversy of the Quebecois ownership right. Sorry but that fucking nonsense is simple bullshit (hope my french girlfriend doesn't read this). Regardless the team is stalled at what I'll call the, "wall of the french". The true reality is not since perhaps Carbonneau, Roy has there been any french player who has in any form or fashion shown anything in the way of saviour for francophone hockey. The team is never going to get past itself unless it gets past that. With The media here that isn't going to happen.

Anyways that's my noon ramble after waking up with a terrible hangover from the night at Wanda's immediately after the game. That's the great thing about Montreal though in Toronto you got nothing when you lose, in MTL you got Wanda's and Natacha's ass. Its going to be a fun summer to watch around here.

RIP Nos Canadien

Moey said...


God bless Koivu and I want him back next year with some decent linemates and a big number one center.

lawyergirl77 said...

Moey - me too. He can't be our number one or even our number two centre anymore. He's too old and too small. But that doesn't mean I don't want him to stay... even though I think he'd be better off going somewhere else.

*sigh* This is way more fucking depressing than I thought it was going to be... and I already thought that today was going to be pretty bad.

Robbie - While I agree with the spirit of your post, I think that injuries played a HUGE part in what happened in the past few weeks. But - the REASON for those injuries bears investigating. I think it's a combination of off-ice shenanigans and a shitty system on the ice that contributed to the injuries. In a nuthsell - the Habs were using "speed" to head straight into the boards... to get creamed. the old system they used had them curve slightly into the boards in order to absorb hits, which meant less injuries.

the ridiculous rash of shoulder injuries is a sign that we weren't heading into the boards properly.

The ridiculous number of groin injruies is proof that the guys couldn't fucking keep it in their pants! ;-)

Tom said...

@ Robbie: I can put a finger on what was wrong with this team.

Alexei Kovalev.

Sure, he showed up one season last year. But the fact of the matter is he takes long shifts, is supposed to be our go-to-guy and has gotten more than 65 points once since he's been here.

Plus, he seems to be lazy on the ice, which I think rubs off on the younger guys.

Get rid of him, bring in a real leader.

Habs fan stuck near DC said...

Haha, new here to this blog. Habs fan from originally Ranger territory here. Anyway, the loss to the Bruins well kinda sucks cod testicles. We simply got outplayed, and outscored, and overthrown by them. Hopefully with the upcoming draft we make a splash.But knowing our Front Office, and management I doubt that will happen. We let too many excellent players go, and we have seen what the fuck happens to us. Enough of my insipid ramblings hope to continue reading more of your thoughts haha.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight and good luck in the off-season... I'm telling myself I won't pay any attention to all of the caterwauling that will inevitably happen between now and the start of the next season, but I'm a Habs fan and I know I won't be able to look away.

Since the season's over, someone remind Panger to let Breezer out of teh trunk.

WV: Stroke. Seriously. There's so much potential, I'm overwhelmed...

Habs players will have lots of time to practice their stroke on the links. Or maybe something realted to knocking wood. I'm not feeling overly creative today. Mourning.

L Dude said...

First, a new header for FHF.

Carey Price is the future of this team. No question. I think (hesitantly) that Patrick Roy may be he perfect coach/mentor for him to take his craft to the next level. Part of me wants experience at the NHL level behind the bench, but part of me thinks Patty might just have the passion that is needed. Let's face it, as much as I loved Carbo and Bob as players, they are emotional midgets. You can't say that about Pat Roy. This team needs fire behind the bench, and that crazy bastard is a raging inferno!

L Dude said...

Does this header work?

Word: teleall

Guy Carbonneau is writing a teleall book about the Habs Centennial Choke.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

The fucking up of Avery is certainly on the agenda. Just gotta find something out about him that might shake him besides "you are following your dream of working in the fashion industry, you suit-short-wearing jerk."

Maybe "(designer) says you should work on your (hockey skill)" or something?

x-ine said...

Dear Four Habs Fans,

It's been fun following you through this rollercoaster of a season (to put it mildly).

I don't want to dwell on what could have been for this Centennial season (aka epic disaster), but you can read my thoughts on last night here:

Instead, I'm looking forward to 2009-2010... see you then!

Word: conshess

Anonymous said...

for your consideration about Sean Avery (if this works):

Text to display

lawyergirl77 said...

Players have started meeting the media. Gui and Max were first... and Gui had the best soundbite, EVER. Loosely translated - "It's as if we lived 3 seasons of "Lance et Compte" (think Dallas, but on skates) in the span of a year."

heh. Good for you, Gui.

lawyergirl77 said...

More stuff from other players: Dandy wants to know ASAP whether he needs to move, and plans to speak to his agent tomorrow to get a quick decision. But he thinks that, in spite of the bullshit, it's worth it to play in montreal.


Lang: Wants to come back. Says he had good moments here. Doesn't think you can chalk the team's slide entirely up to his injury (and subsequent team injuries), but thinks it's pretty amazing that they made it as far as they did, considering their slide. He says that his rehab is going well, and that he would have been able to play in the second round, had the Habs made it that far.

RESIGN HIM TOO (but cheap, if possible).

Do you guys want me to continue doing this, or do you just want the link??

HabsFan29 said...

keep going LG this is much better!

lawyergirl77 said...

Will do, 29! (It,s not like I can concentrate on anything today, anyway).

Mad Max: This was a tough year, mentally. Young players got about 4 years of experience in the span of a year, which will be really useful for them. (Uh, Max, you're in the young players camp too, ya know... but WTF do I know).

I just got an email from the NHL with the following title: "Canadiens Fans- Receive 20% off your order - 1 week only"

W00t! It's the "We're sorry your team sucks" Fire Sale. Booyah!!

lawyergirl77 said...

A rough translation of Dandy's comments re: other free agents - "Other players have said that they think playing in Montreal looks scary from the outside and ask me whether or not it's worth the hassle. I think so, but I know that it can freak some of them out."

No seriously - RESIGN THIS GUY. Most versatile player on the team, always gives a shit for every shift...

... and finished one shift WITH A FRACTURED ARM, DAMMIT.

If he leaves, I will automatically cheer for whichever team he joins.

Unless it's the Leafs.

Or Boston.

Or the Rangers.

But any other team is fair game.

HabsFan29 said...

I'm liking El Dandy more and more by the minute

lawyergirl77 said...

I'm telling you, I'm going to be WICKED disappointed if he's not here next year.

Man, Marc-Antoine Godin is taking FOREVER to refresh his article. Dammit, man, that's why they invented the 3G network!!!

lawyergirl77 said...

For those of you who are interested, Weber and Stewart have been sent back to the Dogs to help them out with their playoffs (which aren't going so well, either).

I wish that they played in Cornwall, or something. I would love to go watch the Bulldogs play - it's actually great hockey.

HabsFan29 said...

@LG - any news on which Habs may be going to play in the IIHF Champs?

lawyergirl77 said...

29 - Not Markov (Good, 'cause I would have screamed blue murder), but aside from that, I don't know.

I'm assuming you heard about Tangy's reaction to Demers' accusation re: didn't want to play (last night after game). Good for Tangy - he sounded like he wanted to rip Demers a new one.

HabsFan29 said...

I think we all want to rip Demers a new one

lawyergirl77 said...

True dat. I've lost all respect for him this year. Which is really kind of heartbreaking 'cause I used to like him a lot.

*sigh* No updates yet...

lawyergirl77 said...

Ooh - Kovy: I would love to come back. I love this team and I think it's going in the right direction. This wasn't an easy year, we were missing gas in the playoffs, and it wasn't easy to watch. We would start our games well and then we couldn't go further.

His first criteria for picking a team on July 1st isn't to go for a contender. He says he prefers the challenge of going to a team that everyone counts out and to help them to surprise everyone.

He wasn't invited to play on Team Russia at the IIHF (he says he didn't plan to go anyway).

(Bear in mind everyone that this is a translation of a translation, so it's not a direct quote)

PLEASE RE-SIGN HIM. He's not the cancer people think... If anything, I think that he should get re-signed and that the Kostitsyn brothers should be forced to live with him and his family so that he can keep an eye on those two idiots. It's the Kovy Bunch!

HabsFan29 said...

Ko-vy! Ko-vy! Ko-vy!

Boob Gainey said...

If I was Habs management I'd either sue Jacques Demers on behalf of the players he defamed or meet with RDS management to explain to them that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Especially if it's the only hand that is feeding you.

(I was going to say that Demers might be sued for libel but I guess that - by definition - that is one illegal act he could never commit.)

lawyergirl77 said...

I think that if the Habs started suing some members of the media for defamation it would bankrupt the French press... Gainey and Koivu would have their own lawsuits too, although it would definitely only hurt them in the end (no matter how cathartic it might be). Plus, if their damages are simply being chased out of Montreal, I think that a case could be made that they're better off without these shark-infested waters.

Boob Gainey said...

I'm not a lawyer, but couldn't Schneider and Tanguay make the case that Demers' allegations might cost them some of their livelihood?

lawyergirl77 said...


"Success is won, and earned. Sometimes, it was as if we weren't playing to win. I'm not saying that the intention wasn't there, but some nights, all 20 players weren't playing together. Only God knows why."

"Some players weren't playing up to their talent level. The players without contracts last year didn't manage thir stress well. And, like it or not, injuries hurt the team."

"Last year, we had so much fun. This year, we might have relied too much on our talent. I knew it was going to be a long and hard road. In Montreal, nothing is easy, there are always rebounds."

RE: next year - Physically, I'm able to follow the rhythm. I broke my foot in november and I didn't miss a single practice. But it's not easy to get cast aside (i.e. in the pressbox) that often.

Wow. Go Breezer.

lawyergirl77 said...

Tangy - wants to come back.

"I love playing for the Habs. I am a Quebecker and I was closer to my family. I like it here, I feel good, I feel like I'm at home. However, there is lots that is going to happen between now and then. I want to concentrate on getting my health back. It's the first time in my career that this has happened to me." (He's 29)

(As an aside, the fact that MANY Habs are freaking out about being so injured for the first time in their careers is a further indictment of the system that they were using, but I could bitch about that at a later date)

"Last year, I had a no trade clause. I chose to come here. We will see what happens in the next few weeks. I'll have to sit down with my agent."

"I've never had a problem with the media. So long as journalists report facts and not speculation, I've got no problem with them."

Re: ice time - "I would have liked having more. Sometimes, I wouldn't play very much, until Bob took over the team. However, you never heard me complain."

SIGN HIM TOO. Anyone who can put up with bullshit in such a matter-of-fact way needs to stay.

lawyergirl77 said...

Pleky (not that much said in the RDS site, so I'm going to have to listen to the audio file later):

He's going to represent the Czech Republic at the IIHF. He told them, however that he didn't know whether he would be ableto help them out very much considering the way he has played lately.

Oh, Pleky, your last redeeming quality is your self-deprication. Go score 60 goals elsewhere... preferably somewhere in the WEstern Conference.

lawyergirl77 said...

More Pleky - "The positive things I learned this season? A difficult question. Let's just say that there are a lot of things that I can learn from all of the things I did badly this year."

Apparently the Czech team insisted that he go to the IIHF for them.

HabsFan29 said...

LG I hope you found a nice big corporate client you can bill all this to!

moeman said...

Great updates lg77.

BTW, you do know who one of the Lance et Compte main writers is?

WV = comas

lawyergirl77 said...

Wow - La presse is way more complete in its quotes (quelle surprise):

Breezer - He's disappointed with the way the season ended, but he's pretty happy with his season overall. He really wanted to hit 1000 games. He says that he pulled his groin last Friday in Boston and that it was worse than he thought. He hasn't decided whether or not to continue in the NHL, but that if he does, he wants it to be in Montreal.

He sucked less than Hamr this year, so I wouldn't be adverse to seeing him again next year. Provided he plays limited minutes in a supporting role.

Boob Gainey said...

One thing I didn't understand is why Brisebois was left aside in the playoffs.

lawyergirl77 said...

29 - sadly no. My billings are just going to have to suck for the day.

lawyergirl77 said...

Boob - he was injured.

lawyergirl77 said...

I would close my door and transcribe Gainey's press conference, but I'm worried boss might freak.

lawyergirl77 said...

Alex Kovalev is not an attractive man.

That being said, the picture that La Presse has uploaded of him today is frickin' smokin! The fuck? Have the playoffs fried my brain for good??

moeman said...

Speaking of pics.

moeman said...

@lg77, just got home, have rds on, I can help transcribe/translate.

lawyergirl77 said...

moe - très cool. I just have Demers' fat face and wobbly, jabba-esque chin shaking away on my computer screen. I'll turn up the sound a bit when BG pops up.

moeman said...

Demers and the guy who calls himself the baron are patting each other on the back, saying how they did good work discussin Habs issues. Sure. The second banana to the guy who calls himself the baron is rds' most annoying hack.

Also, a boss of mine once said that a pat on the back is 18" from a kick in the ass.

moeman said...

Hopefully Bob had a bacon sandwiCH.

lawyergirl77 said...

Funny - RDS' quiz is "Is Fleury one of the league's top 5 goalies?"

Funny - last year, he was the biggest goat. Early this season too. Came into the league with tons of promise, had a shitty second and third year and now he's maturing into something special...

... but, you know, goalies are NHL ready at 20 years of age.


I hope the fuckers who are wanting Price's head on a pike are watching this, instead of concentrating on trying to make fire.

lawyergirl77 said...

Holy shit - Carey's giving a press conference, with a ball cap pulled down low over his yees. Can't even see his eyes at all unless a flash goes off. Fuck this, I'm closing my door and listening to him.

moeman said...

Carey Price faces the media pack;

- Carey expresses some regret
- Gonna be a long summer
- the kid seems grounded
- learning lessons about being a Hab
- MTL pressure is 'fun'
- feels 'thrown under the bus' sometimes
- booing doesn't always help
- ...

moeman said...

- ...
- media guy 'you don't look happy', eesh
- my boss is 21000 people

Here come Bob

lawyergirl77 said...

"I've learned a lot about what it is to play here and about myself."

"I think it's just part of playing the position. Other goaltenders have gone through similar situations here. When things are going well, it's so great."

"Soemtimes I feel like I've been put too high on a pedastal and now I'm being thrown under the bus."

Re: Roy gesture - "To be honest, I used that particular gesture to remind people that booing doesn't always help. That's the biggest thing that comes to my mind when the fans are booing. Makes you want to go in the other direction."

TH-TO said...


Re Carey Price/Heckling/boobirds:

While I'm not surprised that a 21-year-old lost his temper at being boo-ed, and while it is arguable that Habs fans may have lacked class in booing him, the simple fact is as follows:

He's 21 years old, he made $850K this season, and if he can't stand the heat, he should prolly get out of the oven.

I would hazard a guess that a lot of the people on here put up with a lot more stress, on a far more continuous basis, than 20 minutes of asshats whinging at you.

If I were getting paid that much money, I might be pissed, and I might lose my temper, but I sure as hell wouldn't start yapping about what is or isn't 'fair'.

My 2c

*goes to put on flakjacket*

lawyergirl77 said...

Damn, he was aware of the Roy gesture. Good for him - I actually respect him more for that. I think the fuckers needed the reminder.

HabsFan29 said...

Ca-rey! Ca-rey Ca-rey!

(in the good way, not the mocking way)

moeman said...

RDSers put the ack in attack.

lawyergirl77 said...

RDS said that the Habs needed to better monitor their young players (TRUE) and that Carey needs to learn a lesson because he hasn't won any STanley Cups yet, and when Roy made the gesture, he had.

Up. Yours.

lawyergirl77 said...

Bob speaking.

He plans to go through coaching staff and doing analysis of what they need there.

moeman said...

Bob Gainey's season ending presser;

• coaching decision in 2-3 weeks
• will review/analyze before June the people that report to him
• he's calm, cool, collected (my words)
• competition is fierce since the lockout, always in the race
• not an easy year
• re: Carbo, personal comments remain personal
• tough decision, thought Carbo was the perfect coach going in
• ...

lawyergirl77 said...

Re: sale - says that he wants to contact the players as of june 1st to advise them of his intentions, but it's tough with the question of the sale (at least, I think that's what he said).

The 4 years since the lockout, the competition is very hard. In three of the four years, we managed to get a place in the playoffs. I thought that the other teams had problems too.

Is it true that 2 weeks that you fired Guy that you had promised him you wouldn't? Personal conversations stay personal. The situation was tough for him and for me and for the team. There wer things happening with the team in the second half of the year that affected his situation.

As for the decision itself - I had two choices, to do nothing or to fire teh coach. I did the second.

lawyergirl77 said...

Situation starts to become clear re: draft between now and 15th of May when there are fewer teams playing in the playoffs.

What were your expectations for the season? Were the media and fans unfair? When I go back and look at September (when we got Lang), if I look at that team on paper, I felt that we could put back the offence that we would lose from Streit, we projected a number of players to progress and grow, and we got most of that. But it was the second half where we had the problems. Once they started to accumulate, we weren't able to carry through with what looked like on paper should be a team still competing in the playoffs today.

moeman said...

• ...
• needs to develop a plan, draft, UFA, RFA, combine > towards June
• the Lang trade and Tanguay acquisition helped 'put back the offense'
• mentions Streit
• on paper vs. on ice
• I don't think Bob realizes the current hack (labbée) allowed to ask a question is a bigger liar/mongerer than tremblay
• Habs have a chance/flexibility to make big changes
• ...

moeman said...

• expects to still be GM but he has a boss
• sitting there with work to do as the Habs GM!!!!
• media pressure is overblown
• some of you are good, some of you aren't so good
• passion can sometimes be detrimental
• great team, great tradition
• yeah BOB!
• no sense of entitlement
• ...

lawyergirl77 said...

How are you dealing with uncertainties of roster due to UFAs? On one hand, we have a team and on the other we have lots of possibilities. This is the job that is in front of us between now and October. There are open positions, we have free money, and we will be a team with lots of flexibility and an ability to change our team.

Offer sheets - is this a good possibility given your flexibility? Yes. We can look at all available options and that would be a way to bring a player to Montreal.

During this infernal season off and on the ice, will it be hard as GM to convince players to come to Mtl? I think that Mtl is a good place to play. L'année passée it was the best place to play, this year, it's different, but we're looking at the happy medium.

Will you be GM next year? Yes, I hope to, but I have a boss who will be evaluating my job and the hockey department's job. I'm sitting here today with the idea that I still have work to do.

Has the media scrutiny become unbearable? This isn't a great day to say that there isn't a lot of media pressure (laughter). Frankly, it's overblown. Some of you are great, some of you aren't so good. I don't have time to follow all that you do. People love this team, this sport. This is a great team, with a great tradition... Why I don't feel this pressure is because I know that the guy in Nashville wants to win just as much as we do. WE've got no entitlement to a place in teh playoffs. (I can't type fast enough but this is a GREAT answer!!)

moeman said...

• not going to comment on UFAs
• why play Price? Price is a thoroughbred
• he made the decision, Price is on an accelerated path
• he's a good goalie, man he's a good goalie
• ...

lawyergirl77 said...

Do you need to change the core of the team? BG - not an appropriate question right now. I'm here to talk about yesterday and the season.

Why are you sticking with Price? I think Carey is a thoroughbred. I made a decision about him a year ago, which put him in a position to gain experience. STarting role at a very young age so that he can accelerate the number of games he can play in. At 21 years old, i think he's doing pretty darn well. He played pretty good too. He's a good goalie. If I was playing against him, I would think "man, he's a good goalie." (Crack about passing that on to the journalist's wife. Very funny)

Is this the most challenging off-season? Each year, we finish, and we take what's in front of us and we start to work with it. This will be my 5th year in the new CBA environment. We know that the cap might shift, we know what it means, but we have to compete with all of the other teams. We want to be here next year in May or in late May. That will be our objective in the next few weeks.

Boob Gainey said...

Please tell me "Le Baron" is his family name not his nickname. If it's his nickname he is an even bigger buffoon than he appears.

HabsFan29 said...

you guys are awesome! it's like i'm there

Go Bob!

moeman said...

• we have to be and want to be better
• having # of UFAs just unfolded that way
• he has time
• not using excuses
• players answers are the better response, he won't speak for them
• (The Baron is the guy's nickname)
• possible that Koivu, Kovey and Lang have played their last game
• ...

lawyergirl77 said...

Our last meeting about whether to address the players who have free agent status was in january, and I've continued along same course that I started in september. We have unique negotiating rights with all of those players. They're secondary disturbances or excuses.

Did coaching change your opinion of the players? Ask the players. I don't know what their answers were, but go with what they said. At ice level, you can get a better read on the players. You can talk with them a lot more. You can look them in their eyes and try to see whether they understand what's going on. I had the privilege of coaching them for the past few years.

Have Koivu, Kovy and Lang played their last games with the Habs? Possible, but not for sure.

Do the Habs need to change their identity? we'll ahve that conversation in a few weeks.

Are you worried that Carey is heading back to BC for his vacation shaken? No, not really. I would prefer that Carey show a maturity, but he came back to training camp lighter, started season really well. Got injured in january, was one of the best in the league at that point. There are many positive signs, but with Carey and the other young guys, there are some positive signs for the team.

moeman said...

• media hack calls Price 'shaky'
• Bob hopes Carey shows some maturity
• he started strong, played strong, got hurt
• lots of positive signs
• labbée again, asks about regression of some young players
• good start, not perfect
• blames Tampa, mentions Lawton by name, rips him for mentioning Habs player's names
• my words, the Habs are nuts if they let Bob go
• ...

lawyergirl77 said...

What about all of the young guys that regressed? We had an excellent first half of the season and then we started to go downhill. The situation with Tampa in January and the use of the names of players on the team by the Tampa management was a DISGRACE. (his words) They broke privileged discussions between the two teams. We also had serious injuriesin the second half and it was tough for players to be at their maximum potential as a result. It's important for us to be sure when we make a decision about a player that this season is their maximum.

Teh second half of our season was where things went off-course. We had an agreement with Tampa, I got a call early in January with a list of names that they wanted to talk about, and that wound up going public. It was disgraceful (GO BOB GO!)

moeman said...

• 2nd half of season went of course
• had an agreement with Tampa
• names mentioned publicly to other teams
• "disgraceful", mentions Gorges, Plex
• asked about younger UFA/RFA vs. Kovy, Koivu, Lang
• needs time to analyze, he has THIS year's info
• hopes to make the good decisions
• ...

moeman said...

• asked about team potential sale news affecting things, he says not at all
• great year in certain areas
• expectations were hard to pass, self-created
• Markov had a great year
• thats it

lawyergirl77 said...

re: UFAs - We have to look at all of the players with respect to age, performance, how many games they missed due to injuries. We have this year's information to put with last year's information in order to make decisions. I hope we make good ones.

WHat effect did having so many UFAs have on the group? I don't think it was ideal in the end. A number of those players were veterans who felt the tension of being in that position. It was what it was, and I feel like that along with a number of other things were secondary distractions or excuses that only came into play when we had bigger problems elsewhere.

Trading deadline - did you have your hands tied not to have transactions because of potential sale? No. Was difficult to see a team that isn't working well, and then to put a player in a team that isn't working properly.

We had a great year in certain areas. We still had some young players who got some experience late in the year. Our expectations were such that it was hard to pass our expectations. We helped create them with the past year, with the excitement that the players had the year before. But you can look at Markov and see that he had a great year. A great player to have on our team and a great player for our fans to watch.

That's it.

moeman said...

The Baron is now yipping like a chihuahua.

lawyergirl77 said...

RDS is accusing him of seeing things with rose coloured glasses.

Baron is freaking out and looks incredibly ticked off.

I really liked that press conference. Asshats.

HabsFan29 said...

Man that Tampa line outstanding. Well done Bob!

lawyergirl77 said...

moe - it's like we share a brain or something... crazy!

moeman said...

Gotta give lg77 the game's 1st star for the more detailed review. Kudos on the great 'work'.

lawyergirl77 said...

moeman - I can touch type at over 100 words per minute... It's an unfair advantage!! :)

moeman said...

• Demers is now on
• journalists ripping other journalists, sickos
• doesn't think Price is a Patrick Roy, nice one Duhmers, not as strong a person as Roy, eesh
• patting himself on the back
• says Mr. Boivin will evaluate Bob

moeman said...

Anyone think Brian Lawton will be booed at The Bell Centre Draft?

lawyergirl77 said...

Moe - I leave the rest up to you. I have no desire to report re: what the 'tards at RDS are saying.

Especially Demers.

lawyergirl77 said...

Moe - I dunno, but I will want to if I'm in the stands.

Is it even possible to get draft tickets? I realize it's totally boring to watch, but I think that I might have fun watching the machiavellian machinations from table-to-table.

But you guys already know how sick I am! :)

Boob Gainey said...

Jacques Demers

I know you don't read this blog (snicker) but you haven't done one tenth what Bob Gainey has done in hockey, so shut the fuck up.



kevincrumbs said...

Great work by LG77 and Moeman!

I spent today in class unable to concentrate. All I could think about was this team and what's going to happen.

Also, LG77, there will be tickets available to the draft. I think when it was in Vancouver (my closest NHL market) a couple of years ago it was along the line of $10 or so. Yeah, it's not exciting but if I lived in Montreal, I'd be more than happy to spend an afternoon there.

moeman said...

The Baron's sidekick and Gaston Thérrien is ripping Bob for laughing at a reporter's lameass question about his (the reporter's) wife didn't understand why Bob kept playing Price. Bob answered and then laughed a bit and then told the reporter to inform his wife. These rds fuckers are going after Bob for, wait for it, NOT RESPECTING reporters. This, my 4HF friends is a big part of the CH's problems. These media fucks think and want to feel important. The Baron laughs at the idea that Kovy is a bonafide star.

lawyergirl77 said...

And the wife comment wasn't totally disrespectful, either... it was actually funny.


moeman said...

The Baron "I am going to war!" Yikes, watch out Bob, this ex-Expos ticket pusher is coming after you.


Re: Draft tickets, I think season ticket holders get dibs on the first couple of 1000 tics. I could be wrong.

lawyergirl77 said...

By the way - KOivu's quote: "I may have played my last game in montreal, but I hope not. I want to have a two or three year contract, but it doesn' thave to be that lucratif. If I haven't signed anything with the Habs between now and July 1st, I won't be back. but I'm confident that if we are sharing the same vision, we will come to an agreement. There may be places that are easier to play in than Montreal, where there is less pressure. But the challenge is really good here."

moeman said...

Bob's 'thoroughbred' comment about Carey Price has some serious undertone to it. Bob, I think, was kinda suggesting that he is a hockey man, he has the experience to know what he sees. I've read that Bob has a dark sense of humour and can be really funny. Having typed that I think there was some innuendo in that 'thoroughbred' comment.


The Baron thinks Claude Julien's presser was 'brilliant'.


Oh, oh Luc 'tiny' Geminas is on, more Bob ripping. Poor little (literally) Luc didn't learn much from Bob's presser. He says he thinks Bob seemed happy the season is over. Really? What a fucking asshole-ish comment.

moeman said...

Our team's year went down the shitter but I really want Saku, Kovy and Tang's back. Throw in Lang FFS.

lawyergirl77 said...

God, STFU Baron. Nobody gives a shit.

Boob Gainey said...


Of a sexual nature perhaps?

moeman said...

I was a bit wierded out by KRex's comments. He sounded resolved to leave.

Luc is now generalizing about the player's that didn't sign here.

These media fuckers are complicit.

lawyergirl77 said...

Ditto to that Moe. Ditto to that. (re: Kovy, Tangy and Koivu back)

The French media's head would explode.


moeman said...

@Boob, maybe Bob was subliminally suggesting to the small-dicked (allegedly) reporter that he ask his wife what a real thoroughbred is.

RDSers are screaming above each other. Stay classy RDS.

moeman said...

Stéphane Leroux is now on (he normally covers the QMJHL and is a major purewoolian).

Says Price was maybe pre-meditated in his Royesque gesture (different times, different circumstances).

Heh, Leroux just said maybe reporters are shooting themselves in the foot by routinely repeating that it is tough to play in Montreal. No kidding.

These media fuckers are fucking peacocks, emphasis on cocks.

Boob Gainey said...

Gillett should just remind RDS that without the Hab contract they are out of business - no one is paying to watch the world series of poker. Not a nice thing to do in a democracy but there it is.

Although I like the players too, how is bringing back everyone going to improve the team? I don't think we are a few tweaks away from challenging for the cup.

moeman said...

My internal debate has been resolved. If I had the opp. to punch don cherry or the baron in the face, I'd smack the baron. He is that smug and that much of a mouth-breathing prick.

moeman said...

@Boob, if Bob remains our GM, if there is a God he will, I think there will be more than minor tweaks.

moeman said...

Also, rds cherry-picks the viewer comments/emails. They are almost always negative and towing the current rds hack line.

kevincrumbs said...

When is the RDS contract up? If we don't go with RDS, who do we go with? TQS? A non exclusive deal with a combination of TQS and the SRC? I can't imagine Sportsnet creating a Sportsnet Quebec or whatever just to show Habs games.

gillis said...

@KC: RDS' contract ensures them the right to broadcast all Canadiens games through the 2012-2013 season. Fuck my life.

Im majorly depressed. No one ever speak of this season ever again, understood?

moeman said...

If hf29 can welCH on the ice cream deal (fucking small print!) then maybe the Habs can welCH on their RDS contract. Habs might need a lawyer to finecomb that deal. Any takers?

gillis said...

I just found something positive to say about the habs. They will be undefeated until early october.

Daniel Plainview said...

glad to hear Babs is coming back.

cottoneye said...

I'm freaking out about Komisarek.

All our other UFAs are saying they would like to re-sign here (KOivu, Kovy, Lang, Tanguay), but everytime Komo was asked, he just wouldn't commit and stayed evasive ''it's out of my hands'' ''I'm just a hockey player''. Fuck. That is making me sadder than the loss yesterday.

blaz said...

Price sounded totally defeated during those questions. I feel for the kid. Man, if he doesn't blossom or come away from this with nerves of steel by the time he's 23, Bob's gonna have to face the music, big time.

The "pass it on to your wife" comment was pretty funny, but the "then again, I don't know about baking bread" quip that preceded it was kind of lame. And I'm no raging feminist - but it was just unnecessary.

Does anyone know who's participating in the IIHF Championships? I only know Pleks is in with the Czech Republic and Jaro with Slovakia. I wonder about the Kost Bros and Grabs with Belarusse.

gillis said...

@blaz: I'd laugh if kovy got rejected again. Swiss Mister II will probably be there in a flash.

Here's my UFA analysis

lawyergirl77 said...

gillis - look upthread. Kovy wasn't asked to go... And he says he would have said no anyway.

Number31 said...

Price is a kid but he's more mature than 80% of the so-called "fan" section. To stand there and take abuse without a gesture would have been worse. Fuck them all, Price had every right to stick it to them. (And there wasn't another goal scored after that happened either so HA).

I wanted to be there that night. I was there Monday and nearly punched a fellow fan for being a moron after the empty netter. Real class fans we got. Bring back the Nordiques so we can weed them out please...

Considering the team played almost all year entirely injured and still managed to make it to the playoffs on their last breath, I can't call it "choketennial". The other teams that faced similar adversities went for the lottery or got the shaft.

(Note, 2009-2010 is the actual 100th year. No one realized this was the countdown? Habs really raised the bar on the celebration though... How will the Leafs top it in 2027?)

Kovy must be back. (Played with a charley horse, that couldn't have been fun). This team needs him more than most people think and not just on ice. Plus... He just looks wrong in any other uniform... Koivu thinking about it has me worried though. Lang has to come back and solidify the Brothers line.

Schneider and Tanguay are having shoulder surgery. Suck on that, Demers and your stupid speculation.
And Breezer wasn't playing because of the ever popular "lower body injury".

Here's to the draft and to next year, folks. LET'S GO BULLDOGS! (Series tied at 2 against the babyRed Wings as the Dogs had revenge by beating them twice in their barn this time. Ben Maxwell is awesome when you don't play him on a 4th line).